Minami Rena Minami Rena.png
Costume Name Minami Rena (水波 レナ)
Costume ID 100900/100990(Copy)
Obtainability Unlimited

Minami Rena Pre-Transformation.png
Costume Name Pre-Transformation (変身前)
Costume ID 100901
Obtainability Unlimited

Minami Rena Christmas 2017.png
Costume Name Christmas 2017 (クリスマス2017)
Costume ID 100950
Obtainability The Crescent Moon Manor's Merry Christmas

Minami Rena Swimsuit.png
Costume Name Swimsuit (水着18)
Costume ID 100951
Obtainability The Crescent Moon Manor's Summer Vacation

Minami Rena Winter Clothes.png
Costume Name Winter Clothes (冬服20)
Costume ID 100952
Obtainability Warming Valentine

Minami Rena MagiRepo.png
Costume Name MagiRepo (PAPA_レナ01)
Costume ID 100988
Obtainability Kamihama Rarity Star

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