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"The Endless Mirrors", also known as The Barrier of the Mirror Witch, is the game's Player-Versus-Player (PVP) game mode. In Mirrors, you pit your team of up to 5 Magical Girls against those created by other players. Battling in Mirrors earns you points, which advance you through the Mirrors-specific story, and Mirrors Coins which can be spent in the Shops.

Mirrors battles require Battle Points (BP) to play. You can have up to 5 BP at once, and you regain 1 BP every hour. You can use BP Potions to refill your BP gauge, but you can never have more than 5 BP at a time.

Mirrors is available after completing Main Story Arc 1 Chapter 2. Normally, only the regular Mirrors Story Mode is available.

Gameplay Differences in Mirrors

There are several key differences in Mirrors compared to regular story modes:

  • Blast discs do more damage
  • MP gain is increased for all Magical Girls
  • Memoria Skills start on cooldown and cannot be used at the start of the battle. Spirit Enhancement skills can still be activated on turn 1.
  • Skill cooldowns are halved. For example, a Skill that normally has a 5 turn cooldown will only have a 2 turn cooldown, and will be available on turn 3.

The Main Mirrors Screen

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Your current Mirrors Story chapter, and Mirrors Points needed for the next chapter (if applicable)Return to previous screenBring up the Main MenuYour current Mirrors Ranking medalYour current Mirrors Coin balanceView your previous Mirrors Ranking performancesYour current Battle Points (BP). Click the + to use BP potions to refill your BP.Enter Practice ModeView the rewards for completing Mirrors Story chaptersView your record of recent battlesThis is the normal Mirrors Story modeMirrors Ranking - only available during a Mirrors Ranking season. Keep an eye on the Events list for announcements of Ranked seasonsTutorial Mirrors.png
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Mirrors Story

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Bring up the Main MenuReturn to the previous screenUse 1 BP to change for 3 new opponentsYour current team strength, based on the total Attack, Defense, and HP of your team.Your current Mirrors Points amountYour current Mirrors Team. The Team Leader is featured.Edit your Mirrors TeamYour current BP amount, and time until 1 BP is regained.3 randomly selected opponents. The top opponent has the same or more Mirrors Points than you, while the bottom opponent has fewer points than you.Tutorial Mirrors Story.png
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From here, you are presented with 3 opponents determined by your currently points total. Click on an opponent to preview their team before fighting. Choose your opponents carefully - harder opponents will give you more points, but only if you win!

If you are not happy with any of the opponents, you can spend one BP to refresh the opponent list. Alternatively, the list automatically refreshes every 15 minutes.

Rewards for Mirrors battles:
Win: 3 Mirrors Coins and points based on the difficulty of the opponent and any other bonuses
Loss: 1 Mirrors Coin and 3 points. Any bonus counters are reset.

Mirrors Ranking

For details about ranked seasons, see Main Article: Mirrors Ranking

Every few months, a ranked PVP season opens. During this time players are allowed a fixed number of ranked battles each day, fighting similarly ranked opponents for a chance to reach the top.

Players who achieve B-rank or higher in the most recent Ranked season will have a badge appear on their player card showing the rank they achieved.

You can read more about Mirrors Ranking in the Events section.

Practice Mode

As you advance in Player Rank and gain mutual followers, you will gain access to Practice Mode.

In this game mode you can test your team against those of your mutual followers (players who you follow, who follow you back).

You must have at least 1 BP to enter a Practice Mode match; however this BP is not actually used up.

Practice Mode fights do not affect your Mirrors Points or Ranking Points, but do count towards Daily Missions

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