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Mirrors Ranking is a week-long PVP tournament, where players pit their Mirrors teams against other players' teams with the aim of achieving the highest rank possible.

Event Duration

Only the current season is displayed. For previous seasons see Mirrors Ranking/Archive

  • Season 12: 27th September 2021 17:00 JST - 3rd October 2021 20:59 JST
    • Part 1: 27th September 2021 17:00 JST - 2nd October 2021 16:00 JST
    • Part 2: 2nd October 2021 17:00 JST - 3rd October 2021 20:59 JST

How to Compete

1. At the start of each day, the Mirrors Ranking button will unlock on the Mirrors screen.

2. Just like in normal Mirrors, players are given 3 opponents to choose from. Opponents are selected from players with similar points totals to the player.

Additionally, players can manually refresh the opponent list a fixed number of times each day - 10 refreshes per day during Part 1 and 20 for Part 2. Using a BP Potion will restore 3 refreshes. Alternatively, waiting 15 minutes will automatically refresh the opponent list.

3. Players can challenge a fixed number of opponents each day. Once all the battles have been completed, the Mirrors Ranking screen locks again until the next day. Try to win all of the day's battles to increase points.

4. Players' ranks are determined at the end of the tournament by their total points. In Part 1, players will compete for their letter rank, and in Part 2 they will compete for their star total within that rank (see Ranking System section below).

Event Currencies

Currency How to obtain
Ranking Medal.png [JP] ランキングメダル Earn 3 Ranking Medals for each win and 1 Ranking Medal for each loss.
Mitama's Medal.png [JP] みたまの勲章 Complete missions and place at rank C or above to earn Mitama's Medals


Only the current scoring matrix is shown here. For previous scoring measures see Mirrors Ranking/Archive

For each battle, scores are determined by whether a player wins or loses, and what bonuses were achieved. The final score is the sum of all battle scores throughout the tournament.

The calculation also takes into consideration the use of Skills, Magia/Doppel, team strength/HP, and turn count.


Players gain 1,000 points for a win. The following multipliers are then applied:

  • Opponent difficulty: red number next to opponent's team score on the opponent selection screen based on their team power (min x1.0, max x1.2).
  • Turn bonus: Grants a multiplier for quicker wins.
    • Turn 1 & 2: x2.1
    • Turn 3: x1.9
    • Turn 4: x1.3
    • Turn 5+: x1.0
  • Charge Bonus: If the max Charge level reached in battle reaches 5, 0.15 is added to the Turn bonus. For each additional charge reached, a further +0.01 is added (max +0.45 / 20 Charge)
  • Connect bonus: For each Connect achieved, 0.2 is added to the Turn bonus (max +0.6 / 3 Connects).
  • Skill Bonus: For each Spirit Enhancement or Memoria skill used, 0.05 is added to the Turn bonus (max +0.15 / 3 Skills)
  • Magia/Doppel Bonus: Each time a Magia/Doppel is used in battle, a bonus is added to the turn bonus (max 3 of each):
    • 1st: +0.15/+0.3
    • 2nd: +0.06/+0.1
    • 3rd: +0.05/+0.09
  • Team Survival: The following calculation is added to the Turn bonus based on the size of the team:
    • +0.15 x number of surviving Magical Girls / original team size
  • Remaining HP: A bonus is added to the Turn bonus based on how much HP remains.
    • <49%: +0
    • 50-59%: +0.05
    • 60-69%: +0.10
    • 70-79%: +0.15
    • >80%: +0.2
  • Break bonus: Each day, the third battle gains an additional x1.5. The seventh battle gains an additional x2.

Example: A win against a x1.2 difficulty opponent, on turn 3, reaching 6 Charge, using 1 Connect / 2 Skills / 1 Magia, with a 3-girl team with 2 girls and 55% HP remaining, will net:

1000 x 1.2 x (1.9 + (0.15 + 0.01) + 0.2 + (0.15 * 2) + 0.15 + (0.15 * 2 / 3) + 0.05) = 3432 pts

Players receive 3 Ranking Medals and 6 Mirror Coins for a win


Players gain 300 points for a loss. No scoring bonuses are applied.

Players receive 1 Ranking Medal and 2 Mirror Coins for a loss.

Ranking System

There are two parts to the tournament:

  • Part 1: Players compete for a letter rank (D, C, B, A, or S). Once part 1 ends, the player's letter is set and cannot be changed. The higher the player's score, the more likely they are to place in the top % ranks.
    • There are 10 matches with 10 available refreshes a day for 5 days during this part of the event.
  • Part 2: Once placed in a rank bracket, players compete with others in their rank bracket for their rank stars (1, 2, or 3).
    • There are 20 matches with 20 available refreshes available in this part of the event, which usually lasts for just over a day. Additional break bonuses are available on battles 13 (x1.5) and 17 (x2).

Players who achieve Rank B1 or higher can choose to have their rank appear on their support list entry.

To score a particular rank, you must place in the following % of players:

To help players track their progress, at the start of each day players are shown their current standing based on the previous day's results.


Players are awarded Mitama's Medals based on their rank bracket after day 5:

Rank S A B C D
Medals Awarded 70 50 30 20 0


Only the current Season's Missions are shown here. For previous seasons see Mirrors Ranking/Archive

ミラーズランキングで1回バトル Battle 1 time in Mirrors Ranking
Magia Stone.png
ミラーズランキングで3回バトル Battle 3 times in Mirrors Ranking
Magia Stone.png
ミラーズランキングで5回バトル Battle 5 times in Mirrors Ranking
Magia Stone.png
ミラーズランキングで10回バトル Battle 10 times in Mirrors Ranking
Mitama's Medal.png
ミラーズランキングで15回バトル Battle 15 times in Mirrors Ranking
Magia Stone.png
ミラーズランキングで20回バトル Battle 20 times in Mirrors Ranking
Magia Stone.png
ミラーズランキングで25回バトル Battle 25 times in Mirrors Ranking
Magia Stone.png
ミラーズランキングで30回バトル Battle 30 times in Mirrors Ranking
Mitama's Medal.png
ミラーズランキングで40回バトル Battle 40 times in Mirrors Ranking
Magia Stone.png
ミラーズランキングで50回バトル Battle 50 times in Mirrors Ranking
Magia Stone.png

Event Shop

Note that quantities and prices may vary between seasons. For the Mitama's Medal shop see Shops

Item Quantity Price Item Quantity Price
Memoria 1147 s.png 10
Ranking Medal.png
Memoria 1148 s.png 10
Ranking Medal.png
Gacha Ticket.png 10
Ranking Medal.png
AP Potion.png 10
Ranking Medal.png
Magia Chip.png 30
Ranking Medal.png
Ranking Medal.png