Misono Karin Misono Karin
Costume Name Misono Karin (御園 かりん)
Costume ID 101200
Obtainability Unlimited

Misono Karin Pre-Transformation
Costume Name Pre-Transformation (変身前)
Costume ID 101201
Obtainability Unlimited

Misono Karin Hospitalized
Costume Name Hospitalized (入院者)
Costume ID 101202
Obtainability Unobtainable

Misono Karin Swimsuit
Costume Name Swimsuit (御園 かりん_水着)
Costume ID 101250
Obtainability SamaTore! The Summer Treasure that Disappeared into the Fire

Misono Karin MagiRepo Sticker
Costume Name MagiRepo Sticker (PAPA_かりん01)
Costume ID 101288
Obtainability Kamihama Rarity Star

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