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Daily Missions (デイリ)

These missions are refreshed daily at midnight. If rewards from cleared missions are not claimed before midnight, they will be lost. During certain Events, special daily missions might be added.

メモリアを1回強化 Strengthen Memoria once
ストーリーを1回クリア Clear Story 1 times
ストーリーを3回クリア Clear Story 3 times Master Gem +.png
ストーリーを5回クリア Clear Story 5 times Clear Album.png
ストーリーを10回クリア Clear Story 10 times
ミラーズで1回バトル Battle in Mirrors 1 time Daily Coin.png
ミラーズで3回バトル Battle in Mirrors 3 times Master Gem ++.png
ミラーズで5回バトル Battle in Mirrors 5 times

Accumulative (累計)

Accummulative missions count up over time. There are two types:

  • One-Time Missions - These are single achievements that can only be completed once
  • Repeating - On achieving these milestones at "X", the next mission will appear
    • For example, on clearing Main Story Chapter 4, the mission for Main Story Chapter 5 will appear.
    • Repeating quests are not infinite and will eventually be completed, with the exception of those marked with the ∞ symbol.
One Time Missions
【Special】1章クリアで10連チケット [Special] Get a 10 Draw Ticket From Clearing Chapter 1 10 Gacha Ticket.png
魔力強化をする Strengthen a Girl With Exp Gems
メモリアを装備する Equip a Memoria
メモリアを強化する Strengthen a Memoria
サポート編成する Set Up Your Support Page
Repeating Missions
メインストーリーX章クリア Clear Main Story Chapter X Gacha Ticket.png
メインストーリー第2部序章クリア Clear Main Story Arc 2 Intro
(replaces previous mission after completing Arc 1)
Gacha Ticket.png
メインストーリー第2X章クリア Clear Main Story Arc 2 Chapter X
(available after clearing previous mission)
Gacha Ticket.png
魔法少女ストーリーをクリア X話目 Clear a Total of X Magical Girl Personal Stories
累計ログイン X日目 Login a Total of X Days (∞) Gacha Ticket.png
魔法少女のLvを最大にする X回目 Reach Maximum Level on Your Xth Magical Girl
魔法少女にオーブをセット X回目 Set Your Xth Awakening Orb on a Magical Girl
 魔法少女を覚醒する X回目 Awaken Your Xth Magical Girl
魔法少女を魔力解放する X回目 Unlock Your Xth Memoria Slot on Your Magical Girls
エピソードLvを最大にする X回目 Reach Maximum Episode Level on Your Xth Magical Girl
マギアレベルを上げる X回目 Raise Magia Level For Your Xth Time
マギアレベルを最大にする X回目 Reach Maximum Magia Level on Your Xth Magical girl
ドッペルを解放する X回目 Release Your Xth Doppel
精神強化を開放する X回目 Complete Spirit Enhancement for Your Xth Time
プレヤーランク X達成 Reach Player Rank X (∞)

*Reward increases incrementally after 400 SE nodes.

Event (イベント)

Events feature unique and time-limited missions, which must be completed and claimed during the event duration. Once the event ends, missions and unclaimed rewards disappear.

Event missions are listed under the specific Event pages.

Doppel Release Challenges (ドッペル解放チャレンジ)

Some magical girls who have been Uncapped are given unique, cumulative missions to assist with unlocking their Doppels. Note that there is no marker to show that these have been completed; you must go into the Mission menu to view their completion status. Additionally, rewards can only be claimed one at a time, so be sure to check regularly for any claimable rewards.

See the Doppel page for information about specific missions.

Stamp Card (スタンプカード)

A set of beginner-oriented mission cards. Completing all missions on a card grants a rare final reward.

Note: Each completed Mission must be collected individually; the Completion button is for collecting the final reward only, not collect all.

Cards must be completed in order; rewards on a later card will be locked if previous cards have not been completed yet.

Banner 0343 m.png
One Time Missions
魔法少女を強化しよう Let's Strengthen a Magical Girl (Enhance Level)
第1部2章をクリアしよう Let's clear Main Story Arc 1 Chapter 2
魔法少女を1回覚醒しよう Let's Awaken our first Magial Girl Rainbow Orb.png
プレイヤーを3人フォローしよう Let's follow 3 players Fragment of Reminiscence.png
第1部3章1話をクリアしよう Let's clear Main Story Arc 1 Chapter 3 Episode 1 Yui Tsuruno.png
覚醒強化結界をクリアしよう Let's clear the Awakening Realm (Play Labyrinth Battle)
サポート編成を登録しよう Let's set up our Supports (Create Support Team)
メモリアを装備しよう Let's equip Memoria
メモリアを強化しよう Let's Strengthen Memoria (Enhance or Ascend)
Card Completion Reward
10 Gacha Ticket.png

Banner 0360 m.png
One Time Missions
魔法少女のLvを最大にしよう Let's Max a Magical Girl's Level
魔法少女を1回マギア強化しよう Let's strengthen a Magical Girl's Magia 1 time (Upgrade Magia)
魔法少女を1回魔力解放しよう Let's perform Magical Release on 1 Magical Girl (Unlock Memoria Slot)
メインストーリー第1部4章をクリアしよう Let's clear Main Story Arc 1 Chapter 4 Mitsuki Felicia.png
プレイヤーランクを25にしよう Let's reach Player Rank 25
メインストーリー第1部5章をクリアしよう Let's clear Main Story Arc 1 Chapter 5 Futaba Sana.png
7日間ログインしよう Let's login for 7 days
アナザーストーリー2章をクリアしよう Let's clear Another Story Chapter 2
ミラーズで3回バトルしよう Let's battle in Mirrors 3 times
Card Completion Reward
Akemi Homura (Megane ver.).png
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