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Event Guide Quests Missions Event Shop

Event Duration

JP (明けまして初まつり!~恋ごころと真ごころと~)

  • 29th October 2018 17:00 JST - 9th November 2018 14:59 JST


  • Not yet released

Event Guide


Announce event 1810261

How to Play

Event AP50px[JP] 回数券
All non-event quests drop Coupon which are used instead of AP to play event quests
Event CurrencyGet-Well Cheese[JP] お見舞いチーズ
All event quests drop the event currency Get-Well Cheese.

1. In Tower Events, stories are arranged in a linear format where completing one quest unlocks the next, with difficulty increasing as players progress through the event.

2. To play event quests, players need copies of the event AP. Players can obtain these by playing any non-event quest, and can increase the amount earned by equipping event-related Memoria.

3. There are 2 stage types in this event:

  • Story Quest - The main line of quests containing the story; intended to be completable by all players.
  • Challenge Quest - Higher difficulty levels with higher currency and item drop rates.

Event Memoria Guide

Memoria Bonus Effect Max Limit Break Bonus Effect
Memoria 1273 s Increase 40px⁠ drops by 1 Increase 40px⁠ drops by 3
Memoria 1270 s Increase 40px⁠ drops by 3 Increase 40px⁠ drops by 7

Release Schedule

Initially, only the Story Quests and Challenge Quest 1-10 are available. On November 2, Challenge Quest 11-20 will be unlocked.


Normal Quests:

  • Mission 1: Clear without any girl dying
  • Mission 2: Clear within 15 turns
  • Mission 3: Clear without using continue

Challenge Quests:

  • Mission 1: Clear with more than 30% HP remaining
  • Mission 2: Clear within 25 turns
  • Mission 3: Clear without using continue


チャレンジBATTLE1をクリア Clear Challenge BATTLE 1 10 x Magia Stone
チャレンジBATTLE2をクリア Clear Challenge BATTLE 2 10 x Magia Stone
チャレンジBATTLE3をクリア Clear Challenge BATTLE 3 10 x Magia Stone
チャレンジBATTLE4をクリア Clear Challenge BATTLE 4 10 x Magia Stone
チャレンジBATTLE5をクリア Clear Challenge BATTLE 5 10 x Magia Stone
チャレンジBATTLE6をクリア Clear Challenge BATTLE 6 10 x Magia Stone
チャレンジBATTLE7をクリア Clear Challenge BATTLE 7 10 x Magia Stone
チャレンジBATTLE8をクリア Clear Challenge BATTLE 8 10 x Magia Stone
チャレンジBATTLE9をクリア Clear Challenge BATTLE 9 10 x Magia Stone
チャレンジBATTLE10をクリア Clear Challenge BATTLE 10 10 x Magia Stone
チャレンジBATTLE11をクリア Clear Challenge BATTLE 11 10 x Magia Stone
チャレンジBATTLE12をクリア Clear Challenge BATTLE 12 10 x Magia Stone
チャレンジBATTLE13をクリア Clear Challenge BATTLE 13 10 x Magia Stone
チャレンジBATTLE14をクリア Clear Challenge BATTLE 14 10 x Magia Stone
チャレンジBATTLE15をクリア Clear Challenge BATTLE 15 10 x Magia Stone
チャレンジBATTLE16をクリア Clear Challenge BATTLE 16 10 x Magia Stone
チャレンジBATTLE17をクリア Clear Challenge BATTLE 17 10 x Magia Stone
チャレンジBATTLE18をクリア Clear Challenge BATTLE 18 10 x Magia Stone
チャレンジBATTLE19をクリア Clear Challenge BATTLE 19 10 x Magia Stone
チャレンジBATTLE20をクリア Clear Challenge BATTLE 20 10 x Magia Stone

Event Shop

Item Quantity Price Item Quantity Price
Memoria 1273 s 19 15 x Get-Well CheeseDestiny Bottle25 20 x Get-Well Cheese
Gacha Ticket5 10 x Get-Well CheeseBP Potion10 5 x Get-Well Cheese
AP Potion5 5 x Get-Well Cheese
20 10 x Get-Well Cheese
Magia Chip30 3 x Get-Well CheeseMaster Gem +100 1 x Get-Well Cheese
Master Gem ++50 3 x Get-Well CheeseDark Orb20 1 x Get-Well Cheese
Dark Orb +15 2 x Get-Well CheeseDark Orb ++10 3 x Get-Well Cheese
Mirrors Invitation20 3 x Get-Well CheeseRooftop Key20 3 x Get-Well Cheese
Nanny's Pedestal20 3 x Get-Well CheeseSheep Warhorn20 3 x Get-Well Cheese
Sandbox Shell15 5 x Get-Well CheeseOwl Bucket15 5 x Get-Well Cheese
Mascot's Mane15 5 x Get-Well CheeseRooftop Balloon10 10 x Get-Well Cheese
Rhyton Ribbon10 10 x Get-Well CheeseSandbox Shovel10 10 x Get-Well Cheese
Pendulum Bob10 10 x Get-Well CheeseRainbow Orb3 30 x Get-Well Cheese
Flame Book15 2 x Get-Well CheeseFlame Book +10 4 x Get-Well Cheese
Flame Book ++5 8 x Get-Well CheeseAqua Book15 2 x Get-Well Cheese
Aqua Book +10 4 x Get-Well CheeseAqua Book ++5 8 x Get-Well Cheese
Forest Book15 2 x Get-Well CheeseForest Book +10 4 x Get-Well Cheese
Forest Book ++5 8 x Get-Well CheeseLight Book15 2 x Get-Well Cheese
Light Book +10 4 x Get-Well CheeseLight Book ++5 8 x Get-Well Cheese
Dark Book15 2 x Get-Well CheeseDark Book +10 4 x Get-Well Cheese
Dark Book ++5 8 x Get-Well Cheese
1 x Get-Well Cheese
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