Magia Record English Wiki
  • JP: 自分のDiscドロー
  • NA: Monopolize Draw
  • Category: Disc Changing
  • Effect: Replaces all discs with discs belonging to the character using this skill.


Magical Girl Effect
No connect has this effect


Magical Girl Effect
No magia has this effect


Memoria Effect
Memoria 1082 s.png A Moment of Rest 100%
Memoria 1233 s.png After the Rain 100%
Memoria 1100 s.png Crime and Punishment 100%
Memoria 1098 s.png Do You Know the Flower Language? 100%
Memoria 1695 s.png Forever Cutting Through the Wind 100%
Memoria 1099 s.png Full on Fashion! 100%
Memoria 1544 s.png Junkie Girl's Companion 100%
Memoria 1178 s.png Last Work: Alina's Kusouzu 100%
Memoria 1084 s.png Our Hearts As One! 100%
Memoria 1165 s.png Sentimental Melody 100%
Memoria 1425 s.png The Cue Is from a Detour 100%
Memoria 1263 s.png The Lead to the Ideal 100%
Memoria 1760 s.png Today Is the Way You Eat 100%
Memoria 1149 s.png Tsukuyo's Treasure 100%

Doppel / Magia 2

Magical Girl Effect
No doppel or magia2 has this effect