Description: Replace all available discs with discs belonging to the character equipped with the memoria.

Magical Girl Effect

Magical Girl Effect
Memoria Effect
Memoria 1082 s.png A Moment of Rest 100%
Memoria 1233 s.png After the Rain 100%
Memoria 1100 s.png Crime and Punishment 100%
Memoria 1098 s.png Do You Know the Flower Language? 100%
Memoria 1099 s.png Full on Fashion! 100%
Memoria 1544 s.png Junkie Girl's Companion 100%
Memoria 1178 s.png Last Work: Alina's Kusouzu 100%
Memoria 1084 s.png Our Hearts As One! 100%
Memoria 1165 s.png Sentimental Melody 100%
Memoria 1425 s.png The Cue Is from a Detour 100%
Memoria 1263 s.png The Lead to the Ideal 100%
Memoria 1149 s.png Tsukuyo's Treasure 100%
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