Madoka☆Magica Magia Record (Magireco for short) is a mobage developed by f4samurai. It features characters from the original Madoka anime, characters from the Oriko manga, characters from the Suzune manga characters from the Kazumi mangaand a lot of original characters. The game is in Japanese, but stories are rapidly being translated; see Translated Stories for an overview of translated stories.


The game is only released in Japan(and soon to be China), but downloading and playing outside of Japan is easy. See Installation for a complete installation guide.


A complete gameplay guide is given here on the Magireco subreddit written by u/Ran-Rii. Don't be discouraged by the length of the post; a lot of it will become natural very fast. The gacha rates are given at the Gacha rates page.

Community And Further Help

The English community may be found on the subreddit and on the Magireco Discord. Further help and information may be found there, or on this wiki.

Common bugs

If you are playing outside of Japan some bugs may appear, these are:

  • An error saying 「通信エラーが発生しました。トップページに遷移します。」 appearing when your character on your home screen is supposed to load. This can be circumvented by doing the following.
    - Once the home screen loads (so just after the screen stops being white and shows your home screen background) immediately minimize the app. Then open it again and spam one of the icons (like shop). Wait for Mitama to dissapear, and you can use the app as normal.
    Be vary not going to the home screen again, because the error will most likely appear again then.