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Lottery Prize Draw Banner

To celebrate the upcoming Magia Record TV Anime, an "Anime Pre-Air Special ~Nightly Magireco Chat" will be airing just before the first episode. As part of this, players on the JP server can enter into a prize draw lottery, with the winner being picked live on air.

Players on the JP server can enter the lottery prize draw by clicking on the Dream Lottery Banner on the home screen. There are several prizes offered based on the VA making the draw.

Possible prizes include:

  • Asakura Momo (Tamaki Iroha): Apple iPad Pro (11", Wi-Fi, 256GB) Silver (3 available)
  • Amamiya Sora ((Nanami Yachiyo): Tickets for 2 people to the Magia Record TV Anime event to be held in June 2020 (5 available)
  • Natsukawa Shiina (Yui Tsuruno): Autographed poster signed by TrySail (5 available)

• PROMISED BLOOD's VAs: 250 Magia Stones • Kagome's VA: 1 Gacha Ticket

Note: While not explicitly stated, a JP address is usually required for physical prizes.

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