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New Year Updates

Version 2.0.1 was released with the New Year and includes several feature updates:

  • Magia Passport changes - Magia Stone Passports purchased after 1st January 2020 00:00 JST will now give a bonus Daily Coin on daily login. Passports purchased before this date are not affected.
  • Main Story Arc 1 Auto - Auto is now available for first-time playthrough of all Main Story Arc 1 quests
  • Main Story Arc 1 drop rates adjusted - item drop rates for Main Story Arc 1 Chapters 1 - 4 have been adjusted; note that this means the Drop List may no longer be accurate in regards to best item drop locations.
  • New Accumulative Missions - Repeating Accumulative Missions that previously ended after a certain target was reached have now had the target extended. Players who have already achieved the new targets will automatically complete all relevant missions.
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