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JP Game Version Update

The JP server has updated to version 2.0.6; this update is mandatory and must be completed before the game can be played.

As part of this set of updates, the 2nd Mitama's Stamp Card mission set is now available. Players who have already completed all of the mission conditions can collect their rewards immediately from the Missions screen.

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NA Exclusive Magical Girl

The new Magical Girl Ashley Taylor is the first to be exclusive the NA server. Her Fate Weave is available from March 27th to April 2nd; note that she and the Memoria in the Fate Weave are all limited.

With Ashley being the first Magical Girl not released on JP, we have encountered a few little niggles in our site scripts that we in the process of working out.

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Monthly Shop Reset Reminder

Players are reminded that all permanent shops will refresh and restock at midnight on April 1st on all servers.

For players on the JP server, this month's reset will also add the Battle Formation Eclipse Vanguard to the Magia Chip Shop.

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