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Major Shop Changes (JP)

As part of the 1000 Days campaign, the following permanent changes have been made to the Mirrors Shop:

Additionally, the available quantity of all items in the Daily Coin Shop each month has doubled from 10 to 20.

Spirit Enhancement Changes

The following major changes have been made to the Spirit Enhancement system:

  • The new item Vessel of Origin has been introduced. Using this item on a Magical Girl will completely reset her Spirit Enhancement tree. All materials used to enhance her will be refunded and returned to the player's inventory; however, any CC already used will not be refunded.
  • Unlock all - selecting and unlocking any SE node will now unlock all other locked nodes along that branch, provided the player has sufficient materials and CC.
  • The material requirements for enhancing 2★ and 3★ Magical Girls has been reduced. Players who have previously unlocked nodes for these Magical Girls will receive a refund of the extra materials used.

Arc 2 Opening Updated

A new OP animation featuring the Arc 2 title song Utsuroi has now replaced the original OP featuring Kakawari; players can view the new OP as usual from the title screen by clicking the OP button.

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