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Monthly Shops Reset

Players are reminded that all quantities for all repeating Shop items will reset at midnight on 7/1.

Players on the JP server should note that, on shop reset, the Magical Formation Grandir Strike will be added permanently to the Magia Chip Shop.

NA Server Ticket Exchange

Following issues with the Choose Your Own ★4 Fate Weave Ticket from the 1 Year Anniversary Campaign, the following Magical Girls were added to the ticket pool on 6/27:

Players who used their ticket before 6/25 and wish to exchange for one of these Magical Girls should contact Support and provide the following info:
1. Player Name
2. Player ID
3. What device you’re using
3. When you approximately used your ticket
4. Which Magical Girl you’d like
The Support Team will then swap the desired Magical Girl for the character previously purchased.

Additionally, all players who purchased the deluxe set before the issue was fixed will receive 25 Magia Stones as an apology.

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