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Editor's Note Regarding Sawa Sudachi

No, we didn't mess up the numbers again (no, really!). At this time, Sawa Sudachi's Magia and Doppel show as "Damage All Enemies [I]" for all levels, yet the effect changes (somewhat arbitrarily) by rarity. We're not sure if this is intentional by F4, but we're keeping an eye on it.


[JP] Fumum mufufumu muu fumu fumufumu fumufuu fu fumu fufu mu fumufumu fumu mufu mumu mufumu, fumu "fufumu" mu fumufumufu muu fu mufu Fufufu Mufu. Muu "Fumumumufu Fufumu" fumufu fumumu fufumu-fu-fufufufumu mufu fuuumu mufu fuufu.

[Translation] For players who have obtained Sudachi and want to actually know what she's saying, a new "costume" is available for her in the Support Shop. The "Translation Device" outfit contains easier-to-understand home screen voice lines.

Update: As of 07/15, a 2nd costume is also available for Sudachi's casual outfit.

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