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Version Update (JP)

Version 2.1.5 was released on 08/21.

The new version features a number of quality of life (QoL) improvements that are being rolled out gradually over the course of the 3rd Anniversary Campaign:

  • 8/17: The Item drop rate for Main Story Arc 1 Chapter 5 ~ 10 quests increased
  • 8/17: Daily Login Bonus updated to include Rainbow Orbs, Memoria Circuits, and Daily Coins.
  • 8/21: New premium item Innocent Gem added
  • 8/21: 3x play speed added (not available for Mirrors or on first play through of a quest)
  • 8/21: Full screen support improved for the following iPhone models:
    • X
    • XR
    • XS
    • XS Max
    • 11
    • 11 Pro
    • 11 Pro Max
  • 8/21: Video and voice data settings split, so that is possible to download them separately at different qualities
  • 8/21: Paid Magia Stone Shop added
  • 8/21: Permanent Destiny Bottle Shop added
  • 8/31: Player title function added. The title can be changed from the Profile screen and will be visible on the player's card to other players.

3rd Campaign Exchange Ticket Bug

Costumes for Isuzu Ren were incorrectly labelled in the Event shop. The issue has now been resolved.

As an apology, players who have logged in at least once after 5/23/2020 and completed Main Story Arc 1 Chapter 1 Episode 2 Battle 2 will be eligible to receive 3 3rd Anniversary Exchange Tickets on 08/31.