Enemy 6400 l Enemy 6400 c
Class Representative Witch
whose nature is looking on
Type: Witch
Witch/Rumor ID: 6400
Drop Item: No data
Draft & Supervision: Gekidan INU CURRY (Doroinu)

生前から地味で真面目なことだけが取り柄だった魔女は、今も淡々と自身が操る手下達と共にかつてと変わらない大して楽しくもない日常を繰り返す。 今も下校チャイムを鳴らせばこの魔女はどこかの住処へと帰ってゆくだろう。

She spits out spider-like thread to create a school all for herself in her barrier’s sky.
This witch was very plain even in her previous life, with her only strong point being how conscientious she was. She still detachedly plays out an ordinary, everyday life– hardly any different from before, hardly even any fun– with the familiars that she puppets around. If you ring the end-of-school bell, this witch will likely return to her home somewhere.
Humans who lose their way in her barrier will fall ever downward, until they eventually melt into empty sky and become nourishment for the witch.
Unless you’re a particularly fearsome outsider who disrupts her daily life, the witch will rarely take action herself.

This Witch spins spider-like threads to create its own special school inside its Labyrinth. Before turning into a Witch, she was a serious student that didn't stand out, so she continues to repeat those dreary school days together with her Familiars. Even now, if she hears the school bell announcing the end of the day, she may head home, wherever that may be. When humans wander into her Labyrinth, they fall endlessly and eventually melt into the sky, feeding her. She does not attack anyone directly unless they are a scary intruder who disturbs her daily routines.

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