Chance to Poison
  • JP:
  • NA: Poison
  • Category: Status Ailment
  • Effect: A unit affected by this ailment loses 5% of its HP per turn for the number of turns shown. The % shown is the probability of inflicting this ailment on the target. Poison, Burn, and Curse effects stack to a maximum of 10,000 HP damage per turn.

Magical Girl Effect
Alina GrayAlina Gray Alina Gray 100%
Haruna KonomiHaruna Konomi Haruna Konomi 100%
Miyako HinanoMiyako Hinano Miyako Hinano 100%
Senjougahara HitagiSenjougahara Hitagi Senjougahara Hitagi 100%
Magical Girl Effect
Anna MeruAnna Meru Anna Meru All Enemies / 3 Turns / 50%
CorbeauCorbeau Corbeau All Enemies / 3 turns / 42.5%
Miyako HinanoMiyako Hinano Miyako Hinano All Enemies / 3 Turns / 100%
Yakumo Mitama (Haregi ver.)Yakumo Mitama (Haregi ver.) Yakumo Mitama (Haregi ver.) All Enemies / 2 Turns / 100%
Yakumo MitamaYakumo Mitama Yakumo Mitama All Enemies / 3 Turns / 100%
Memoria Effect
Memoria 1126 sAfter-school Invisible GirlAfter-school Invisible Girl After-school Invisible Girl VI / 42.5%
Memoria 1290 sAlina Protects the Supreme BodyAlina Protects the Supreme Body Alina Protects the Supreme Body VIII / 45%
Memoria 1085 sLOVE ChemistryLOVE Chemistry LOVE Chemistry 100%
Memoria 1029 sScience DrunkardScience Drunkard Science Drunkard 100%
Memoria 1253 sThe Two CopiesThe Two Copies The Two Copies 100%
Memoria 1322 sThree GeniusesThree Geniuses Three Geniuses 100%
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