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Magia Record English Wiki
Enemy 6104 l.png Rebecca
Sheep Witch
whose nature is insomnia
Type: Witch
Witch/Rumor ID: 6104
Drop Item: Sheep Horn.png Sheep Horn
Draft: f4samurai, Supervision: Gekidan INU CURRY (Doroinu)


This Witch is scared of everything. Not knowing what to do, she stays within a fence in her Labyrinth. Being so wary, she has grown many eyes. There is no moment, neither day or night, that she closes all of her eyes at the same time, which means she does not sleep. She has never gone outside of her fence, and never will. She sees herself as her Familiars' pet and waits inside her fence for them to hunt humans to feed her. She looks so meek because she seems scared, but when one of her Familiars is defeated, she becomes filled with panic and goes on a rampage.

A witch who spends all her days trembling within the fence in her barrier, unsure of what she ought to do. Her extreme caution of her surroundings has caused her to sprout extra eyes. It’s said that at least one of these eyes is always open, day or night, and that she never sleeps.
This witch has never once stepped outside of her fence, and has no intention of ever doing so. She lives within the fence, happily tamed by her minions, and waits for said minions to bring her humans to eat.
Since she’s usually trembling in fear of something, she may give off a well-behaved impression, but she’ll panic and run wild if her minions are defeated.

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