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Event Duration

JP (常夜の国の叛乱者 ~魔法少女たると☆マギカ~)

  • 12th July 2019 16:00 JST - 26th July 2019 14:59 JST
  • 12th June 2020 17:00 JST - 19th June 2020 14:59 JST

NA (Rebel of a Dawnless Land)

  • July 22nd 2020 02:00 AM PDT - August 2nd 2020 11:59 PM PDT

Event Guide


How to Play

1. In Boss Events, stories are arranged on a map-like stage. Players travel from one node to the other to reach the final boss.

2. Each story node has a target meter and up to 3 battles to choose from (beginner, intermediate, and hard). To clear the node, complete the story battles until the meter fills up. You do not have to complete every battle to unlock the next node; you only need to fill up the node meter.

3. Boss quests are unlocked at the end of each story area. Boss node meters represent the boss's HP and must be brought to 0 to clear the node. Boss HP does not refill between battles, so bosses can be defeated over more than 1 battle. Defeating bosses gives special currencies and unlocks other areas.

4. All battles have a turn limit. Exceeding the limit ends the battle as a victory for the player.

5. Note that the event story is a continuation of of The Chiming Bell That Transcends Time.

Event Currencies

Currency How to obtain
Knight's Medal.png [JP] 騎士団のメダル
[NA] Knight's Medal
All event battles drop Knight's Medals which can be exchanged at the shop.
Area Flag (Tart 2).png [JP] エリアフラッグ
[NA] Area Flag
Clearing a node by filling its meter grants Area Flags which can be used to acquire Melissa de Vignolles and her upgrades.
History Fragment.png [JP] 正史の断章
[NA] Fragment of True History
Defeating bosses gives players History Fragments, which will increase the amount of damage dealt in the final battles.

Release Schedule

Release Date Level
7/12 16:00 Story 1 ~ 6
7/12 16:00 Challenge Battle 1~4
7/19 16:00 Story 7 ~ 12
7/19 16:00 Challenge Battle 5~9

Release Date Level
7/22 2:00 AM Story 1 ~ 6
7/22 2:00 AM Challenge Battle 1~4
7/28 2:00 AM Story 7 ~ 12
7/28 2:00 AM Challenge Battle 5~9

Event Memoria

Memoria Bonus Effect Max Limit Break Bonus Effect
Memoria 1374 s.png Increase Knight's Medal.png drops by 3 Increase Knight's Medal.png drops by 7
Memoria 1376 s.png Increase Knight's Medal.png drops by 2 Increase Knight's Medal.png drops by 5

Event Limited Magical Girl

Melissa de Vignolles is limited to this event! After the event ends she and her upgrade materials will not be obtainable by any means until End of a Legend, the Limits of Light. Be sure to purchase Melissa de Vignolles and all of her upgrade items from the shop before the event ends.

Event Farming Data


Final Bosses

Note: The final boss in this event replaces Story Chapter 11.

  • Defeating all the other area bosses and collecting all of the History Fragments History Fragment.png increases the amount of damage dealt against this boss.
  • Tart, Riz Hawkwood, Melissa de Vignolles, and Elisa Celjska all do increased damage to this boss.
  • Boss HP carries over between fights; as a result bosses can be defeated over multiple battles.

Opponent: Lapine

HP: 3,500,000


  • Mission 1: Clear
  • Mission 2: Clear within 8 turns
  • Mission 3: Clear 1 wave


There are no separate Missions for this event.

Event Shop

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