Disc Shuffle
  • JP: 再度Discを引く
  • NA: Re-Draw Discs
  • Category: Disc Changing
  • Effect: Redraws all of the discs from the available pool.

Magical Girl Effect
Spirit Enhancement
Magical Girl Effect
Anna Meru Anna Meru 100%
Yakumo Mitama Yakumo Mitama 100%
Magical Girl Effect
Memoria Effect
Memoria 1402 s Closet Casino Set 100%
Memoria 1220 s Exchange of Final Wishes 100%
Memoria 1264 s Garnish Everything Cutely! 100%
Memoria 1474 s The Exhibition Will Open Soon! Please Pay Attention! 100%
Memoria 1451 s The Goal Is Still Far Away‎ 100%
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