• Japanese: HP回復
  • Description: Regenerate HP at the end of the turn.

Magical Girl Effect
Akino KaedeAkino Kaede Akino Kaede VI / 3 Turns / 7%
Miki SayakaMiki Sayaka Miki Sayaka IX / 3 Turns / 10%
Oshino ShinobuOshino Shinobu Oshino Shinobu VIII / 3 Turns / 9%
Magical Girl Effect
Isuzu RenIsuzu Ren Isuzu Ren Self / 3 Turns / 4%
Mao HimikaMao Himika Mao Himika Self / 2 Turns / 10%
Natsume KakoNatsume Kako Natsume Kako All / 3 Turns / 10%
Shizumi KonohaShizumi Konoha Shizumi Konoha All / 3 Turns / 8%
Tatsuki AsukaTatsuki Asuka Tatsuki Asuka Self / 3 Turns / 8%
Memoria Effect
Memoria 1120 sA Bygone TimeA Bygone Time A Bygone Time V / 6%
Memoria 1243 sA Short Rest (Madoka, Homura)A Short Rest (Madoka, Homura) A Short Rest (Madoka, Homura) I / 2%
Memoria 1313 sA Strange Little Blonde GirlA Strange Little Blonde Girl A Strange Little Blonde Girl III / 4%
Memoria 1066 sEmbrace Your Hopes and Dreams!Embrace Your Hopes and Dreams! Embrace Your Hopes and Dreams! II / 3%
Memoria 1070 sEverlasting LightEverlasting Light Everlasting Light III / 4%
Memoria 1167 sFor My Treasured OnesFor My Treasured Ones For My Treasured Ones IV / 5%
Memoria 1159 sHanetsuki GameHanetsuki Game Hanetsuki Game II / 3%
Memoria 1192 sI Can Make a Serious Face Too, You Know?I Can Make a Serious Face Too, You Know? I Can Make a Serious Face Too, You Know? V / 6%
Memoria 1352 sMessages from Precious FriendsMessages from Precious Friends Messages from Precious Friends IV / 5%
Memoria 1110 sMy Dreams Continue After I Wake UpMy Dreams Continue After I Wake Up My Dreams Continue After I Wake Up IX / 10%
Memoria 1225 sOuting in Plain AttireOuting in Plain Attire Outing in Plain Attire II / 3%
Memoria 1271 sThe Girl Who Came BackThe Girl Who Came Back The Girl Who Came Back II / 3%
Memoria 1250 sThe Goddess Stares QuietlyThe Goddess Stares Quietly The Goddess Stares Quietly IV / 5%
Memoria 1328 sThe Stories (Rumors) Also KnowThe Stories (Rumors) Also Know The Stories (Rumors) Also Know II / 3%
Memoria 1336 sThe Various Faces of UsThe Various Faces of Us The Various Faces of Us III / 4%
Memoria 1350 sTomorrow They Will Bloom AgainTomorrow They Will Bloom Again Tomorrow They Will Bloom Again III / 4%
Memoria 1312 sTreasure Trove of TreatsTreasure Trove of Treats Treasure Trove of Treats IV / 5%
Memoria 1144 sWalking an Entwined PathWalking an Entwined Path Walking an Entwined Path IV / 5%
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