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Event Duration

  • JP: 25th August 2017 04:00 JST - 5th September 2017 23:59 JST
  • NA: June 25th 2019 00:00 AM PDT - July 9th 2019 11:59 PM PDT


During this event, in addition to the daily login bonus, players will receive the following additional items:

Release Memorial Medal
Magia Stone
1x Release Memorial Medal 10x Magia Stone

Memorial Medals can be spent in the special Event Shop.

Event Shop

There are 22 medals in total from login bonus and from the Mitama's Special Training - Tamaki Iroha Event Shop.

Item Quantity Price Item Quantity Price
Tamaki Iroha
Costume [Swimsuit]
1 10 x Release Memorial Medal Gacha Ticket? 5 x Release Memorial Medal
AP Potion1 3 x Release Memorial Medal
? 1 x Release Memorial Medal

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