Remove Buffs
  • JP: バフ解除
  • NA: Remove Buffs
  • Category: Support
  • Effect: Removes Buffs (red icon effects) from the target (buffs from passive Memoria are not affected).

Magical Girl Effect
Spirit Enhancement
Magical Girl Effect
Toki Sunao Toki Sunao 100% (Target)
Magical Girl Effect
Ami Ria Ami Ria Target
Azusa Mifuyu Azusa Mifuyu All Enemies
Komachi Mikura Komachi Mikura Target
Tokiwa Nanaka Tokiwa Nanaka All Enemies
Memoria Effect
Memoria 1319 s An Unobtainable Thing 100% (All)
Memoria 1427 s The Usual Whims 100% (One)
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