Remove Buffs.png

  • JP: バフ解除
  • NA: Remove Buffs
  • Category: Support
  • Effect: Removes Buffs (red icon effects) from the target (buffs from passive Memoria are not affected).

Magical Girl Effect
Spirit Enhancement
Magical Girl Effect
Toki Sunao.png Toki Sunao 100% (Target)
Magical Girl Effect
Ami Ria.png Ami Ria Target
Azusa Mifuyu.png Azusa Mifuyu All Enemies
Kasane Ao.png Kasane Ao Target
Komachi Mikura.png Komachi Mikura Target
Tokiwa Nanaka.png Tokiwa Nanaka All Enemies
Memoria Effect
Memoria 1319 s.png An Unobtainable Thing 100% (All)
Memoria 1427 s.png The Usual Whims 100% (One)
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