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* '''Japanese''': {{Lang|ja|状態異常解除}}
*'''Description''': Removes all '''[[Skills and Status Effects#Status Ailments|Status Ailments]]'''.
| image =
| name_jp = 状態異常解除
| name_na = Remove Status Ailments
| category = Support
| effect = Clears all [[Skills and Status Effects#Status Ailments|Status Ailments]] (purple icon effects) from the target.
{{SkillList|effect=Remove '''Status Ailments'''}}

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Remove Status Ailments
  • JP: 状態異常解除
  • NA: Remove Status Ailments
  • Category: Support
  • Effect: Clears all Status Ailments (purple icon effects) from the target.

Magical Girl Effect
Holy Mami Holy Mami 100%
Natsume Kako Natsume Kako 100%
Sasame Yozuru Sasame Yozuru 100%
Ultimate Madoka Ultimate Madoka 100%
Spirit Enhancement
Magical Girl Effect
Iroha-chan Iroha-chan 100% (One)
Rika & Ren (Christmas ver.) Rika & Ren (Christmas ver.) 100% (Self)
Tamaki Iroha Tamaki Iroha 100% (One)
Wakana Tsumugi Wakana Tsumugi 100% (Self)
Magical Girl Effect
Ibuki Reira Ibuki Reira Allies
Makino Ikumi Makino Ikumi Allies
Misaki Umika Misaki Umika Allies
Natsume Kako Natsume Kako Allies
Yuki Maria Yuki Maria Allies
Memoria Effect
Memoria 1213 s A Thing That Talks in Place of Me 100% (Self)
Memoria 1385 s The Truth Is Right Nearby 100% (Self)
Memoria 1275 s Two People, Two Dreams 100% (Self)
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