Enemy 7007 l.png Rumor of the Chelate Mascot
キレートマスコットのウワサ Rumor of the Chelate Mascot
Type: Rumor
Witch/Rumor ID: 7007
Drop Item: Mascot's Mane.png Mascot's Mane
Draft: f4samurai, Supervision: Gekidan INU CURRY (Doroinu)


Have you heard? Has anyone told you? The Uwasa of the Comfortland Mascot! These theme park mascots slide across the ground, but still arrive with the jaunty "clip-clop" of hooves! Yes, their arrival heralds your end, but you musn't be scared, no no no! They soothe your heart and mind, and make you all warm inside, you see! They'll carry all those bad feelings away. It's a hot Rumor in Daito Ward! How princely!

My, have you heard? Who’d you hear it from?
The Chelate Mascots, and the rumor thereof!
They might move by sliding, but these park mascots still arrive with a jaunty 'clip-clop’ of their hooves!
If you happen to meet one, it’s curtains for you. But oh non-non, don’t be afraid! ♪
They’ll soothe everyone’s body and mind with a pleasant ’pho-wa-wa~h,’
and carry all your bad vibes away. It’s a rumor that ALL the people in Daitou Ward are talking about.
How princely~! ♪

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