Enemy 6005 l.png Rumor of the Nameless Artificial Intelligence
名無し人工知能のウワサ Rumor of the Nameless Artificial Intelligence
Type: Rumor
Witch/Rumor ID: 6005
Drop Item: AI Code.png Code of Artificial Intelligence
Draft: f4samurai, Supervision: Gekidan INU CURRY (Doroinu)


Have you heard? Has anyone told you? The Rumor of the Anonymous AI.
Ding! It's a suspicious message from an unknown sender! That's a trap set by the Anonymous AI that wants to lure you in! It learned this malicious behavior in the digital world and now it's all alone. People on Chuo Ward are saying it won't let go of its prisoner. What a stand-alone!

My, have you heard? Who’d you hear it from?
The Nameless A.I., and the rumor thereof!
‘Ding-a-ling!’ goes your phone, and what do you find? A shady prank message from goodness-knows-who!
It’s a sticky-sweet trap from the Nameless A.I., who’ll kidnap anyone who wanders her way!
She got quarantined in the digital world 'cause she learned some bad words. She’s all alone in there now, and ever so sad.
And once she catches you, she’ll never let go! It’s a rumour that ALL the people in Chuuou Ward are talking about.
Man, talk about standalone software!

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