[JP] 世界へのランウェイ
[NA] Runway to the World
Memoria 1027 c
Illustrator: Punyan (ぷにゃん)
Can be used by: All
Obtainability: Unlimited
Rarity: ✵✵
Min/Max HP: 442 ➜ 1105
Min/Max ATK: 362 ➜ 905
Min/Max DEF: 0 ➜ 0
Max lvl: 35
Memoria ID: 1027


Blast Up Blast Adept
Normal Effect
Blast Damage Up [II / 20%]
Fully Ascended Effect
Blast Damage Up [III / 25%]


JP description
"No matter what you say, I'm going to walk my own runway! If I do that, I'll definitely make it out into the world eventually! Paris, Rome, Milan, New York, London... Surely someday, my clothes will conquer the scene!"
NA description
I'll walk my own runway no matter what you say!
It's my best chance of reaching the rest of the world!
Paris, Rome, Milan, New York, London...
One day they'll be backdrops to my showstopping clothes!


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