Sakura Kyouko Sakura Kyouko.png
Costume Name Sakura Kyouko (佐倉 杏子)
Costume ID 200600
Obtainability Unlimited

Sakura Kyouko Pre-Transformation.png
Costume Name Pre-Transformation (変身前)
Costume ID 200601
Obtainability Unlimited

Sakura Kyouko Halloween 2017.png
Costume Name Halloween 2017 (ハロウィン2017)
Costume ID 200602
Obtainability Magical Halloween Theater ~A magical girl troupe for a day~

Sakura Kyouko Swimsuit '18.png
Costume Name Swimsuit '18 (水着18)
Costume ID 200650
Obtainability The Ribbon at the Beach

Sakura Kyouko Loungewear.png
Costume Name Loungewear (寝巻き)
Costume ID 200651
Obtainability Unobtainable

Sakura Kyouko Winter Clothes.png
Costume Name Winter Clothes (バレンタイン19)
Costume ID 200652
Obtainability À La Carte Valentine 2nd ~What If That Girl Took the Lead Role On This Day?~

Sakura Kyouko PAPA Kyouko.png
Costume Name PAPA Kyouko (PAPA_杏子)
Costume ID 200688
Obtainability Support Shop

Sakura Kyouko PAPA Kyouko 2.png
Costume Name PAPA Kyouko 2 (PAPA_杏子02)
Costume ID 200689
Obtainability Kamihama Rarity Star

Sakura Kyouko PAPA Kyouko 3.png
Costume Name PAPA Kyouko 3 (PAPA_杏子03)
Costume ID 200690
Obtainability Kamihama Rarity Star

See also Sakura Kyouko (Mizugi ver.)/Costumes.

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