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[JP] 里見 灯花
[NA] Touka Satomi




Satomi Touka 04.png
Illustrator: Aoki Ume (蒼樹うめ)
English 4★ Image

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Illustrator: Imoan (いもあん)
English 5★ Image

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Growth Type



Saint Lilianna Academy

Voice Actor

Kugimiya Rie (釘宮理恵)


Aoki Ume (蒼樹うめ)

Personal Memoria

A Freedom for Just Me

Release Date

[JP] 2019-03-05
[NA] 2020-06-15



4★ 4,704 ➜ 16,689 2,109 ➜ 7,756 1,372 ➜ 4,832
5★ 5,335 ➜ 21,019 2,397 ➜ 9,803 1,553 ➜ 6,072



A Magical Girl who is working to create a world without Witches. The daughter, and patient of the director of the Satomi Medical Center, Touka is an astrophysics prodigy. Surrounded by a wall of gadgets and devices, she continues to research her one know everything about the universe.

A magical girl seeking to create a world without witches. She is the daughter of the Satomi Medical Center she was hospitalized in and a genius of science astrophysics from an early age. She spends her time doing research while surrounded by countless equipment, and her dream is to know everything there is to the universe.

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Max Stat Bonuses

HP ATK DEF Accele Blast Charge
4★ +6% +7% +5% +6% +6% +4%
5★ +7% +8% +6% +7% +7% +5%


Attack Up.png [JP] 確率あげてこー!
[NA] Raise Your Chances!
Attack Up VII / 35%IX / 40%
MP Restore IV / 20 MPVI / 25 MP
Chance to Magia Seal on Attack 60%100%


Stats shown are at Magia level 1, increasing with the scaling for each Magia level gained.

Magia All.png [JP] ネオ・ジェネシス☆彡
[NA] Neo Genesis
★★★★★★★★★ Scaling
Damage All Enemies V / 340%VII / 360% 10%
Defense Down All Enemies / 3 Turns / 15%All Enemies / 3 Turns / 17.5% 2.5%
Defense Up Self / 3 Turns / 22.5%Self / 3 Turns / 37.5% 2.5%
Magia Damage Up -Self / 3 Turns / 25% 2.5%


Pennen Nolde Pennen Nolde Pennen Nolde
Doppel of Daydreaming
Match Seller Shaped
Doppel Effects
Damage All Enemies [IX / 902%] & Defense Down (All Enemies / 3 Turns /35%) & Defense Up (Self / 3 Turns / 47.5%) & Magia Damage Up (Self / 5 Turns / 35%)
Draft & Supervision: Gekidan INU CURRY (Doroinu)


The master of this emotion desires more power even after becoming a Magical Girl, in order to achieve more wishes. This Doppel divides its master's lifespan up into matches, and grants a "What if" wish whenever a match is lit. When the Doppel runs out of matches, the master's life is over. It is very powerful, but similar to the Doppel of Dying Wishes, it mustn't be abused, for it sacrifices one's own lifespan.

The master of this emotion desires the power to accomplish more wishes even after becoming a magical girl. This Doppel holds matches cut from the master's lifespan, and it's said that when stricken and lighted up, they can realize any "what if". The quantity of the remaining matches is the lifespan of the master, which means her life will terminate when they are exhausted. Although it's a powerful Doppel, it sacrifices the master's lifespan the same way Doppel of Last Testament does and should never be abused.

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