Sazanka no Ato (JP: 山茶花の跡, EN: The Trace of Camellia Sasanqua) is an insert song for the "Tokime Clan" Magical Girls Hiroe Chiharu, Toki Sunao, and Tokime Shizuka. It is sung by their VAs Sagara Mayu, Oonishi Aguri, and Uchida Shuu.

The song was included in the final story sections of The Green Jasper Diviners event and performed live by the VAs at Magia Day 2019.



The lyrics of this song have yet to been released. The lyrics below are transcribed and could be inaccurate.

Japanese Romaji English Translation
山茶花に空いた 虫食い怖くて sazanka ni aita mushikui kowakute Scared me the moth-eaten camellias,
儚き姿も 裂けた暁 hakanaki sugata mo saketa akatsuki as the ephemeral silhouette dissolved in daybreak.
転ぶ畦道 幾重も続く 契りを通った korobu azemichi ikue mo tsudzuku chigiri o tōta Led us to the ever-self-perpetuating destinies was the bumpy furrow way.
面影を数え泣く唄 omokage o kazoe naku uta Singing a weepy song I counted the visages.
一人 二人 君だあれ hitori futari kimi daare One person. Two people. Who art thou?
懐かしき場所の幻 natsukashiki basho no maboroshi In a mirage at the nostalgic place,
未だ覚めない 淡い夢模様 見ないふりした imada samenai awai yume moyō minai furi shita I pretended not to have a faint dream, from which I have yet to awake.
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