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As the Japanese server (JP) precedes the North American (NA) by nearly 2 years, there are numerous game features and quality-of-life differences between the two. This list is geared towards highlighting and clariying some of the differences.

Game Modes

  • The Awakening & Strengthening Quests used to obtain Orbs and Books for Magical Girl updates no longer varies by day; all elemental realms are available every day in 4 different difficulty levels.
  • Item drop rates in Story Quests are higher.
  • Events normally last longer; simultaneously, event shops normally require more currency to clear.
  • The daily Missions do not have the same requirements or rewards


  • There are significantly more Memoria on the JP server. Additionally, most Memoria from events now come Max Ascended/Max level, meaning the player does not have to purchase and level multiple copies anymore.

Shops & Gacha

  • The paid Magia Stone shop was recently added which requires purchased Magia Stones (free stones from Missions, Quests, etc. will not be accepted).

Mechanics & Items

  • Vessel of Origin.png ⁠ The Vessel of Origin is a rare item used for resetting Spirit Enhancements.
  • Innocent Gem.png ⁠ The Innocent Gem is a premium item that can be used to add a Memoria slot to any Magical Girl.
  • There are several additional Magical Formations. The Dark and Light Tercio formations are not available on JP.

Quality of Life

  • Auto battle is available for more game modes, even for the first battle.
  • 3x speed is available for some previously-cleared battles.
  • A code redemption option is available in the Settings menu for bonus codes from physical purchases.
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