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|JIllustrator = 原案:f4samurai、監修:劇団イヌカレー(泥犬)
| Jname = 子守の魔女
|EIllustrator = Planning: f4samurai, Supervision: gekidan INU CURRY (Doroinu)
| Jnature = その性質は困窮
|Jname = 子守の魔女
| Ename = Nanny Witch
|Jnature = その性質は困窮
| Enature = destitute
|Ename = Nanny Witch
| Type = Witch
|Enature = destitute
| ID = 6106
|ID = 6106
| Drop = Nanny's Grip
|Type = Witch
| JIllustrator = 原案:f4samurai、監修:劇団イヌカレー(泥犬)
|Drop = Nanny's Grip

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Enemy 6106 l Enemy 6106 c
Nanny Witch
Type: Witch
Witch/Rumor ID: 6106
Drop Item: Nanny&#039;s Grip Nanny's Grip
Draft: f4samurai, Supervision: Gekidan INU CURRY (Doroinu)


JP description

ただしうまく捕縛できたとしても今度は落とさないようにときつく締め上げるあまり窒息させてしまうだろう。 ちなみに、まだ幼い精神をもつこの魔女は進んで子守をしているわけでは決してなく、赤ん坊が好きな訳でもない。恵まれた生活を送る者達を嫌い目を伏せ、自身を呪い続けている。

A witch who continues to search for a baby that dropped somewhere, finds a human being, regardless of his or her age, stretches and tries to catch a strange string regardless of who they are. However, even if it can successfully catch it, it will tighten up so tightly that it will not be dropped this time and will cause you to suffocate too much. By the way, this witch still having a young spirit is never promoting a Nanny, nor does it like a baby. She dislike those who live in blessed lives and continue cursing herself.

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