Magical Girl
Vo char 3008 00 01
自己紹介⓵ - Self Introduction 1
[JP] 6歳の頃、隣りに住んでいるおばさんが財布をなくしたっていうから一緒に探したのはハッキリ覚えてる。それから町内会のボランティアとかやるようになって、気づいたら便利屋とかトラブルシューターとか呼ばれて毎日大変だけど、断れないんだよねー頼まれたら。
[NA] I must’ve been about six years old when the lady living next door lost her wallet, and I remember helping her look for it. I got involved with the neighborhood association and volunteering after that... People were calling me the “go-to helper” or “troubleshooter” before I knew it. Each day is a real challenge, but I can’t just turn people down.
Vo char 3008 00 02
自己紹介⓶ - Self Introduction 2
[JP] おっす!僕の名前は志伸あきら。あ、大丈夫?!何か困ったことがあれば相談に乗るよ。僕でよければだけど。
[NA] Yo! The name’s Akira Shinobu! Are you okay? I’ll listen if you need someone to talk to. That is, if you want me to...

Personal Story
Vo char 3008 00 03
Story Chapter End 1
[NA] I’m glad that nothing bad happened to you...
Vo char 3008 00 04
Story Chapter End 2
[NA] Geeze! What on earth is she thinkin’?
Vo char 3008 00 05
Story Chapter End 3
[NA] Um... is it just me, or... Does Nanaka have me wrapped around her finger?
Vo char 3008 00 06
Story Select 1
[JP] ボクって、お節介なのかな…?
[NA] Am I overbearing?
Vo char 3008 00 07
Story Select 2
[JP] 困っているなら放っておけないよ!
[NA] I can’t just walk away from someone in need!
Vo char 3008 00 08
Story Select 3
[JP] よーし、まずは正拳突きから!ハッ!ハッ!
[NA] All right, let’s start with a basic punch! Hyaah!
Vo char 3008 00 09
Story Select 4
[JP] その依頼、ボクが引き受けたよ!
[NA] I got your request. Leave the rest to me!
Vo char 3008 00 10
Story Select 5
[JP] なーんか妙な胸騒ぎがするんだよね…
[NA] I feel strangely uneasy about this...
Vo char 3008 00 11
Story Select 6
[JP] 自分ができることなら、力になりたいんだ
[NA] I want to help in any way I can.
Vo char 3008 00 12
Unused 1
[JP] ――義を見てせざるは勇無きなり!

Vo char 3008 00 13
強化完了 - Strengthening Complete
[JP] 明日はもっと強くなる。だから今日も鍛えていかなきゃ。
[NA] I’ll be even stronger tomorrow! That’s why I’ve gotta train hard today!
Vo char 3008 00 14
強化(Lv最大時) - Strengthening Max
[JP] うん、一つ区切りがついた。あとは実践で通用するかだ。
[NA] Yeah, that’s it. Now to test it in battle!
Vo char 3008 00 15
エピソードLvアップ - Episode Lvl Up
[JP] これって…昇段試験に合格した感じかなあ。とにかくいい調子。
[NA] So... This is like moving up a belt rank, right? Either way, feels great!
Vo char 3008 00 16
魔力解放 - Magical Release 1
[JP] 僕、恋愛もののドラマとか映画大好きなんだよね。望んでも届かない世界というか、憧れというか。うう、悲しい…
[NA] I love romance shows and dramas. I guess they’re kind of like a world I could never be a part of even if I tried, or maybe something I really long for... Urgh... Now I’m sad...
Vo char 3008 00 17
魔力解放 - Magical Release 2
[JP] お小遣いを貯めてかわいい小物とか集めてるんだ、両親にはナイショで。ときどきこっそり眺めてニヤニヤしてるの。…ちょっと、引かないで…!
[NA] I like to save up my allowance and buy lots of cute little things.... Without telling my parents. Sometimes, I secretly peek at my collection and just smile... Hey! Don’t back away from me like that!
Vo char 3008 00 18
魔力解放 - Magical Release 3
[JP] ボク、実は漫画家になりたいんだ。で、思いっきり理想の恋愛を描く。…え、空手も続けるよ。だから、恋愛空手漫画家を目指すんだ。
[NA] I actually want to draw my own comics someday. Then I’ll create the perfect romance! What? I’ll keep doing karate. The lovestruck iron-fisted artist, that’ll be me!
Vo char 3008 00 19
マギアLvアップ - Magia Lvl Up
[JP] やった~!瓦割り新記録達成!力が全身を駆け巡ってるよ。
[NA] Awesome! New record in the books! Power’s coursing through my veins!
Vo char 3008 00 20
魔法少女覚醒 - Awaken 1
[JP] うーん、こうすれば、もっと無駄なく動くことができるかも。
[NA] Yeah... If I keep this up maybe I can cut down on wasted movements!
Vo char 3008 00 21
魔法少女覚醒 - Awaken 2
[JP] 敵の攻撃を見切ってギリギリでよける。こうすることで、カウンターのスピードが上がるんだ。と言っても、僕じゃまだまだだけど。
[NA] Read the enemy and evade at the last second! That way, you can counter so much faster. That said, I’ve still got a long way to go...
Vo char 3008 00 22
魔法少女覚醒 - Awaken 3
[JP] Japanese quote needed
Vo char 3008 00 23
Unused 2
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 3008 00 24
ログイン(初回ログイン時) - Login (First login)
[JP] あっちょうど良かった。人手が欲しいんだ。お願いっ、手伝ってもらえないかなー?これ僕からの依頼ということで。
[NA] Oh, you’re just in time! I need some help! Please! Mind lending me a hand? Come on, this is me asking here!
Vo char 3008 00 25
ログイン(朝) - Login (Morning)
[JP] おはよー、1日の始まりは朝稽古から。よければどう?一緒にやってみる?朝から体を動かすのって凄く気持ちいいよー。
[NA] Morning! Every day starts with training! Wanna join me? Let’s do it together. It feels great to exercise first thing in the morning!
Vo char 3008 00 26
ログイン(昼) - Login (Noon)
[JP] このお弁当、実は自分で作ったんだ―。え・・・なに?そんな意外そうな顔しないでよ。僕だって料理くらい出来るってば。
[NA] You know, I made this bento myself. Huh? What? Don’t look so surprised! I can cook, you know!
Vo char 3008 00 27
ログイン(夜) - Login (Evening)
[JP] 帰ってきたら稽古稽古。宮本武蔵曰く戦術の稽古をもって鍛とし、万日の稽古をもって錬とす。ということで鍛錬あるのみ。
[NA] As soon as I get home, I do lots of training. A legendary swordsman once said... It takes 1,000 days of training to learn the basics and 10,000 days to refine your skills. So basically, I’ve still got lots to do!
Vo char 3008 00 28
ログイン(深夜) - Login (Night)
[JP] この敵、中々やるじゃないか。手強いな。この宿題めー、もう全然解けない終わる気配が見えない。
[NA] This sure is a strong foe... Ugh... I can barely get close... Ahhh! Damn this... dumb homework! I’ve got no idea what the answer is! This is gonna take forever!
Vo char 3008 00 29
ログイン(その他) - Login (Other)
[JP] 体を動かす稽古だけじゃなくてイメージトレーニングも大事なんだ。時間がある時は頭の中で・・・ふっ、せいー、決まった。
[NA] As well as physical training, it’s also important to visualize your strategies. Whenever I have a free moment in my mind I’m always like... Hiyah! Pow! I did it!
Vo char 3008 00 30
ログイン(AP最大時) - Login (AP full)
[JP] 一度引き受けた依頼は必ずやり遂げる。逃げることはしない、だから楽じゃないよ。でも、目を瞑っていることは出来ないんだ。
[NA] I always follow through when I accept a job. I never even think about running away... It may not be easy sometimes, but I can’t walk away from my duties.
Vo char 3008 00 31
ログイン(BP最大時) - Login (BP full)
[JP] 真剣勝負には覚悟を持って望まないと相手に失礼。一切手加減しないで戦うから、全力でぶつかろうよ。
[NA] All battles must be taken seriously. To not do is disrespectful to your enemy. I won’t hold back! I’m gonna give it my all!
Vo char 3008 00 32
Unused 3
[JP] Japanese quote needed
Vo char 3008 00 33
魔法少女タップ - Tap 1
[JP] 一番好きな技は、やっぱり上段回し蹴りハイキックだね。あれがスコーンっと決まった時は最高に気持ちいいよ。
[NA] My favorite attack has got to be the roundhouse kick. It feels so great when you manage to land one of those!
Vo char 3008 00 34
魔法少女タップ - Tap 2
[JP] 稽古が辛い時もあったよ。でも、逃げ出したら後で絶対悔しくなるってわかってたから踏みとどまって続けてこれたんだ。
[NA] Training can be tough at times. But I know I’d regret it if I ran away, and that’s what gives me the drive to keep going.
Vo char 3008 00 35
魔法少女タップ - Tap 3
[JP] 好きな言葉は一撃必殺。やろうと思っても中々出来ることじゃないけど、空手をやってる人なら理想なんだよね。
[NA] It’s always ideal to win with a single deadly blow! It’s not easy to do, but it’s what every karate pupil aspires to.
Vo char 3008 00 36
魔法少女タップ - Tap 4
[JP] トラブルが解決した時に出る笑顔って良いよね。パァーッと晴れやかで見ている僕も凄くスッキリした気持ちになれるんだー。
[NA] It’s nice to see a smile when you fix a problem. When I see someone get happy, and that makes me happy too.
Vo char 3008 00 37
魔法少女タップ - Tap 5
[JP] 魔法少女になってから身体能力が高まっちゃって、組手の時は力をセーブしてるんだ。それがちょっとモヤモヤするんだよね。
[NA] I’ve become physically stronger since I became a Magical Girl, so I hold back a bit when I’m sparring in karate. I wish I didn’t have to do that, though...
Vo char 3008 00 38
魔法少女タップ - Tap 6
[JP] 舞い込んでくる頼まれごとは、それぞれ大変ではあるけど、色々な経験ができるから勉強にもなるし、身にもなってるね。
[NA] Each favor I’ve been asked has been tough. But they’ve given me a ton of experience and taught me a lot. I guess they’re a part of me now.
Vo char 3008 00 39
魔法少女タップ - Tap 7
[JP] 戦いになったら、目の前の相手に集中して、余計なことは考えない。ただ一つ頭に浮かべるのは、勝つってことだけ。
[NA] Whenever I fight, I focus solely on the enemy in front of me and forget about everything else. All I think of is winning.
Vo char 3008 00 40
魔法少女タップ - Tap 8
[JP] 神浜は変わったことがたくさん起きる街だよ。よく変な噂話も聞くしね。例えば、えと、なんだっけ。あ、そうそう、花裂け女とか。
[NA] A lot of strange stuff happens in Kamihama. You hear so many weird rumors too. For example, oh, what was it? Oh, right! The Ghost Flower Girl!
Vo char 3008 00 41
魔法少女タップ - Tap 9
[JP] 学校の制服は好きだよ。だって、堂々とスカートが穿けるから! なんてったって校則だもん。これには親も何も言えないしねー。
[NA] I like my school uniform. Why? I get to wear a skirt because that’s the rule! Even my parents can’t say anything about that!

Vo char 3008 00 42
クエスト開始 - Battle Start
[JP] 覚悟してもらうよ、おっす。
[NA] You better be ready!
Vo char 3008 00 43
クエスト勝利 - Battle Victory 1
[JP] …ふぅ…まずは勝ったね!
[NA] Phew... We won this one!
Vo char 3008 00 44
クエスト勝利 - Battle Victory 2
[JP] 合わせて一本ってとこかな!
[NA] Looks like a decisive defeat to me!
Vo char 3008 00 45
クエスト勝利 - Battle Victory 3
[JP] 悪いね、一本いただき!
Vo char 3008 00 46
Unused 5
[JP] 立ち合う前のイメージ通り!

Vo char 3008 00 47
Disc Select 1
[JP] Japanese quote needed
Vo char 3008 00 48
Disc Select 2
[JP] Japanese quote needed
Vo char 3008 00 49
Disc Select 3
[JP] Japanese quote needed
Vo char 3008 00 50
Disc Select 4
[JP] Japanese quote needed
Vo char 3008 00 51
Targeting Ally With Connect Disc Select
[JP] Japanese quote needed
Vo char 3008 00 52
Targeted By Connect Disc Select From Ally
[JP] Japanese quote needed
Vo char 3008 00 53
Attack 1
[JP] Japanese quote needed
Vo char 3008 00 54
Attack 2
[JP] Japanese quote needed
Vo char 3008 00 55
Attack 3
[JP] Japanese quote needed
With my soul put in this attack!
Vo char 3008 00 56
Attack 4
[JP] Japanese quote needed
Vo char 3008 00 57
Attack 5
[JP] Japanese quote needed
Vo char 3008 00 58
Attack 6
[JP] Japanese quote needed
Vo char 3008 00 59
Attack 7
[JP] Japanese quote needed
Vo char 3008 00 60
Attack 8
[JP] Japanese quote needed
Vo char 3008 00 61
Attack 9
[JP] Japanese quote needed
Vo char 3008 00 62
Attack 10
[JP] Japanese quote needed
Vo char 3008 00 63
Magia 1 (Note: The lines used in the game varies; they are normally a mix of Magia and Attack voice lines.)
[JP] Japanese quote needed
Vo char 3008 00 64
Magia 2
[JP] Japanese quote needed
I’ll put everything of me into this fist!!
Vo char 3008 00 65
Magia 3
[JP] Japanese quote needed
Vo char 3008 00 66
Magia 4
[JP] Japanese quote needed
Vo char 3008 00 67
Doppel (Note: While most characters have Doppel sounds, this does not imply a release of the character's Doppel any time in the foreseeable future)
[JP] Japanese quote needed
Vo char 3008 00 68
Giving Connect Attack To Ally
[JP] Japanese quote needed
Vo char 3008 00 69
Connect Attack Given From Ally
[JP] Japanese quote needed
Vo char 3008 00 70
Actives on Self
[JP] Japanese quote needed
Vo char 3008 00 71
Actives on Allies
[JP] Japanese quote needed
Vo char 3008 00 72
Actives on Enemies
[JP] Japanese quote needed
Vo char 3008 00 73
Taking Damage
[JP] Japanese quote needed
Vo char 3008 00 74
Taking Damage While At Critical Health
[JP] Japanese quote needed
Vo char 3008 00 75
[JP] Japanese quote needed
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