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{{Character|Rank = 2-4|Jname = 志伸あきら(しのぶあきら)|VActor = Tomo Muranaka (村中知)}}
{{Character|Rank = 2-4|Jname = 志伸あきら(しのぶあきら)|VActor = Tomo Muranaka (村中知)|ID = 18|RDate = 2017.08.22|maxHP_2s = 9736|maxATK_2s = 4317|maxDEF_2s = 3115}}

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Memoria Disc Connect Magia Doppel Awakening

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    Stats & Bonuses

    Base Stats


    Max Stat Bonuses

    HP ATK DEF Accele.png Blasth.png Charge.png




    Stats shown are at Magia level 1, increasing with the scaling for each Magia level gained.

    30px Scaling

    Awakening Leveling Materials

    Buffs will only be active before Awakening; after Awakening these buffs will be lost. Final buffs can be bought once the girl cannot be Awakened any further. If you Awaken a Magical Girl, she will become level 1.

    Magia Leveling Materials

    Magia level 2
    10,000 x CC.png
    Magia level 3
    100,000 x CC.png
    Magia level 4
    300,000 x CC.png
    Magia level 5
    1,000,000 x CC.png