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Happy Witch
whose nature is crucifixion
Type: Witch
Witch/Rumor ID: 6101
Drop Item: Dark Book ++ Dark Book ++
Draft: f4samurai, Supervision: Gekidan INU CURRY (Doroinu)

[JP] 被膜に包まれた胎の中で、魔法少女が魔女化する時の穢れや人々が放つ感情を

[NA] This “Half Witch” grows in a womb within a force field, feeding off the emotions of humans and the impurities released when Magical Girls become Witches. To stabilize its twisted power, it scatters gems throughout its body as it grows. When it matures the Witch that emerges from it will devour energy, and after it consumes the planet it will feast until it becomes a lump of universe itself.

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The name of "Shitori Egumo" derives from a line in Japanese poetry "永訣の朝(Eiketsu no asa)", which means "The morning of last farewell".

It was written by famous Japanese poet Kenji Miyazawa(1896-1933).

The line including shitori egumo is this:

"…もう けふ おまへは わかれてしまふ

(Ora Orade Shitori egumo)*

ほんたうに けふ おまへは わかれてしまふ

ああ あの とざされた 病室の

くらい びゃうぶや かやの なかに

やさしく あをじろく 燃えてゐる

わたくしの けなげな いもうとよ…"

*note:This line is also Japsnese , but originally written in alphabet.

Kenji had little sister, but unfortunately she had been heavily sick and passed away so early.

This line is about last farewell between Kenji and his little sister in a cold winter morning.

Even when she was dying, She asked Kenji for only single cup of snow not to worry him.

And said, "Ora Orade Shitori Egumo" ,which means "I  go alone."  She didn't want Kenji trapped and depressed by her death.

All these attitudes show the deep affection and bond between Kenji and his little sister.

It is same between Iroha and Ui. Especially, "heavily sicked little sister only hopes their family's happiness, even when facing death" perfectly correspond to Ui.

Kenji Miyazawa is famous for not only poetry but also fairy tale. And one of his tale is "The night of milky way train " ,which doppel of Iroha "Giovanna" derives from.

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