Sorry for Making You My Friend is the title of the third episode of the Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story anime.


  • Mitama Yakumo


The Chain Witch abducts Kaede, after which Iroha meets the group's co-ordinator, Mitama Yakumo and sees that Yachiyo is also a member of the team. Agreeing to help, the magical girls inscribe their names on the Friendship Ending Staircase. Rena's honest feelings regarding Kaede draws out the Chain Witch and Rena is able to find Kaede within the labyrinth.

Iroha comes across the smaller version of Kyubey, and the Witch's weak point is discovered on account of it. Once defeated, Yachiyo suspects they faced something that was not really a witch.

After investigating the medical center, Rena finds no information on Ui but does become aware of Touka and Nemu who were in Iroha's dream.

Elsewhere, Mami Tomoe is requested to search Kamihama City since Kyubey is unable to enter the location himself.

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