This feature is currently only available on the JP server.

The Spirit Enhancement system is used for powering up Magical Girls beyond the stats and skills obtained from Awakening and Leveling, granting them additional stats and skills. They do not have to be fully awakened or leveled for it to be unlocked, though it is recommended to fully awaken, level, and enhance magia before unlocking nodes in the tree.


The Spirit Enhancement button is available from the Magical Girl Menu.

As with any form of Magical Girl improvement, enhancement also requires specific items.

At this stage, only a select number of Magical Girls are eligible for enhancement; the Spirit Enhancement button is greyed out for all other characters.

Unlocked Magical Girls
Eligible date Magical Girl
10/28/2019 Tamaki Iroha.pngNanami Yachiyo.pngYui Tsuruno.pngKirari Hikaru.pngHiroe Chiharu.pngAkemi Homura (Megane ver.).pngTomoe Mami.pngMiki Sayaka.pngNanase Yukika.pngKure Kirika.png
10/31/2019 Hinata Matsuri.pngKanade Haruka.png
11/11/2019 Toki Sunao.pngAlina Gray.pngMinami Rena.pngTogame Momoko.pngMisono Karin.pngAwane Kokoro.pngAkino Kaede.png
11/29/2019 Komachi Mikura.pngKira Temari.pngMihono Seira.pngIzumi Kanagi.png
12/9/2019 Miyabi Shigure.pngYakumo Mitama.pngIsuzu Ren.pngMikuni Oriko.pngChitose Yuma.pngAyano Rika.pngMariko Ayaka.pngHozumi Shizuku.png
12/16/2019 Rika & Ren (Christmas ver.).png
12/26/2019 Holy Alina.png
01/01/2020 Miki Sayaka (Haregi ver.).pngKaname Madoka (Haregi ver.).pngKaname Madoka.pngYakumo Mitama (Haregi ver.).pngSakura Kyouko.pngAmane Tsukuyo.pngAmane Tsukasa.pngMitsuki Felicia.pngFutaba Sana.pngAkemi Homura.png
01/17/2020 Livia Medeiros.pngChizu Ranka.png
01/20/2020 Kisaki Emiri.pngShinobu Akira.png
01/27/2020 Suzuka Sakuya.pngNatsu Ryouko.png
02/07/2020 Haruna Konomi.pngMinagi Sasara.pngTatsuki Asuka.pngKagami Masara.png
02/14/2020 Momoe Nagisa (Valentine's ver.).pngTokiwa Nanaka.pngChun Meiyui.pngNatsume Kako.png
02/25/2020 Azumi Hagumu.pngMegumi Moka.png
03/09/2020 Sasame Yozuru.pngHibiki Meguru.png
03/23/2020 Yukino Kanae.pngAnna Meru.png
03/27/2020 Rumor of the Ten-Thousand-Year Sakura.png
04/02/2020 Holy Mami.pngRena-chan (Idol ver.).pngMadoka-senpai.pngIroha-chan.pngFelicia-Chan.png
04/13/2020 Kasane Ao.pngYuki Maria.png
04/22/2020 Takamachi Nanoha.pngFate T. Harlaown.pngYagami Hayate.png
05/01/2020 Mizuki Rui.png
05/08/2020 Fumino Sayuki.pngAkemi Homura (Mizugi ver.).pngTamaki Iroha (Mizugi ver.).pngAmane Sisters (Mizugi ver.).pngSakura Kyouko (Mizugi ver.).png
05/18/2020 Wakana Tsumugi.pngKurumi Manaka.pngYayoi Kanoko.pngAmi Ria.pngKozue Mayu.png
05/29/2020 Kaharu Yuuna.pngYuzuki Hotori.pngYuzuki Rion.png
06/12/2020 Tart.pngRiz Hawkwood.pngMelissa de Vignolles.pngElisa Celjska.pngCorbeau.png
06/19/2020 Tart (Final ver.).pngLapine.png
07/06/2020 Sawa Sudachi.pngAoba Chika.png
07/15/2020 Rena & Kaede (Mizugi ver.).png
07/27/2020 Tomoe Mami (Mizugi ver.).pngMomoe Nagisa.png
08/07/2020 Rumor of the Ten-Thousand-Year Sakura (Mizugi ver.).pngMakino Ikumi.pngMidori Ryou.png
08/17/2020 Ultimate Madoka.pngIroha & Yachiyo (Final Battle ver.).png
08/21/2020 Little Kyubey.png
09/07/2020 Kazumi.pngMisaki Umika.pngMaki Kaoru.png
09/18/2020 Tokime Shizuka.png
09/28/2020 Kazari Jun.png
10/12/2020 Azusa Mifuyu.pngYachiyo & Mifuyu (Origin ver.).png
10/23/2020 Izumi Kanagi (Vampire ver.).png

How it Works

The Spirit Enhancement screen is presented as a skill tree:

Announce 19102505.png

Players begin at the center of the Magical Girl's enhancement tree and work their way down the various branches. Each node represents an individual upgrade which will give either a permanent stat bonus, a passive Ability, or an active Skill.

Clicking on an available node shows its Items requirement.

Eligible Magical Girls can unlock up to 100 individual upgrades.

Note: at this time enhancement upgrades are capped at 60.

Defense Attack HP Accele Blast Charge Ability Skill
Se icon def.png Se icon atk.png Se icon hp.png Se icon accele.png Se icon blast.png Se icon charge.png Se icon ability.png Se icon skill.png

Bonus Abilities and Skills

Abilities work the same as if an equivalent Memoria was equipped. Skills, meanwhile, are in addition to those granted by Memoria.

All Abilities and Skills granted by enhancement can be viewed by clicking on the button under the Magical Girl's stats.

Resetting Nodes

All nodes can be reset using the Vessel of Origin.pngVessel of Origin. All materials previously used to unlock nodes will be refunded and are returned to the player's inventory. However, CC spent on upgrades is not refunded.

Se btn reset.png

Unlock All

Eventually, all 100 upgrades can be purchased, however it is currently unknown when all 100 nodes will be available.

Se btn open off.png

Grids & Requirements

Each Magical Girl has a unique board grid and item requirements.

For viewing Spirit Enhancement boards and requirements, see Magireco-MES or MagiReco Friends (JP language sites).


Fate T. Harlaown's Profile
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Fate T. Harlaown's Grid
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Fate T. Harlaown's Abilities
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Due to the complexity of SE boards and the large number of items required for these, at this stage there are no plans to include these directly on this wiki.

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