This feature is currently only available on the JP server.

This is a major game feature that was only recently released. Please note that we are still in the process of obtaining and updating relevant data to the wiki.

The Spirit Enhancement system is used for powering up Magical Girls beyond their 5★ / level 100 limits, granting them bonus stats and skills.


In order to be eligible for Spirit Enhancement, the target Magical Girl must be at her maximum rarity. The Spirit Enhancement button will then be available on the Magical Girl Menu.

As with any form of Magical Girl improvement, enhancement also requires specific items.

Finally, at this stage, only a select number of Magical Girls are eligible for enhancement.

Unlocked Magical Girls
Magical Girl Eligible date
Tamaki Iroha.png 10/28/2019
Nanami Yachiyo.png 10/28/2019
Yui Tsuruno.png 10/28/2019
Kirari Hikaru.png 10/28/2019
Hiroe Chiharu.png 10/28/2019
Akemi Homura (Megane ver.).png 10/28/2019
Tomoe Mami.png 10/28/2019
Miki Sayaka.png 10/28/2019
Nanase Yukika.png 10/28/2019
Kure Kirika.png 10/28/2019
Hinata Matsuri.png 10/31/2019
Kanade Haruka.png 10/31/2019
Toki Sunao.png 11/11/2019
Alina Gray.png 11/11/2019
Minami Rena.png 11/11/2019
Togame Momoko.png 11/11/2019
Misono Karin.png 11/11/2019
Awane Kokoro.png 11/11/2019
Akino Kaede.png 11/11/2019
Komachi Mikura.png 11/29/2019
Kira Temari.png 11/29/2019
Mihono Seira.png 11/29/2019
Izumi Kanagi.png 11/29/2019
Miyabi Shigure.png 12/9/2019
Yakumo Mitama.png 12/9/2019
Isuzu Ren.png 12/9/2019
Mikuni Oriko.png 12/9/2019
Chitose Yuma.png 12/9/2019
Ayano Rika.png 12/9/2019
Mariko Ayaka.png 12/9/2019
Hozumi Shizuku.png 12/9/2019
Rika & Ren (Christmas ver.).png 12/16/2019
Holy Alina.png 12/26/2019
Miki Sayaka (Haregi ver.).png 01/01/2020
Kaname Madoka (Haregi ver.).png 01/01/2020
Kaname Madoka.png 01/01/2020
Yakumo Mitama (Haregi ver.).png 01/01/2020
Sakura Kyouko.png 01/01/2020
Amane Tsukuyo.png 01/01/2020
Amane Tsukasa.png 01/01/2020
Mitsuki Felicia.png 01/01/2020
Futaba Sana.png 01/01/2020
Akemi Homura.png 01/10/2020
Livia Medeiros.png 01/17/2020
Chizu Ranka.png 01/17/2020
Kisaki Emiri.png 01/20/2020
Shinobu Akira.png 01/20/2020
Suzuka Sakuya.png 01/27/2020
Natsu Ryouko.png 01/27/2020
Haruna Konomi.png 02/07/2020
Minagi Sasara.png 02/07/2020
Tatsuki Asuka.png 02/07/2020
Kagami Masara.png 02/07/2020
Momoe Nagisa (Valentine's ver.).png 02/14/2020
Tokiwa Nanaka.png 02/14/2020
Chun Meiyui.png 02/14/2020
Natsume Kako.png 02/14/2020
Azumi Hagumu.png 02/25/2020
Megumi Moka.png 02/25/2020

How it Works

The Spirit Enhancement screen is presented as a skill tree:

Announce 19102505.png

Players begin at the center of the Magical Girl's enhancement tree and work their way down the various branches. Each node represents an individual upgrade which will give either a permanent stat bonus, a passive Ability, or an active Skill.

Clicking on an available node shows its Items requirement.

Eligible Magical Girls can unlock up to 100 individual upgrades.

Note: at this time enhancement upgrades are capped at 60.

Bonus Abilities and Skills

Abilities work the same as if an equivalent Memoria was equipped. Skills, meanwhile, are in addition to those granted by Memoria.

All Abilities and Skills granted by enhancement can be viewed by clicking on the button under the Magical Girl's stats.

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