• Japanese: 状態異常耐性DOWN
  • Description: Decrease Status Ailment resistance.

Magical Girl Effect
Magical Girl Effect
Holy AlinaHoly Alina Holy Alina All / 3 Turns / 30%
Memoria Effect
Memoria 1288 sChristmas Night MagicChristmas Night Magic Christmas Night Magic V / 15%
Memoria 1212 sDivination BanDivination Ban Divination Ban III / 10%
Memoria 1287 sMagical Girl VS Series? Round 2Magical Girl VS Series? Round 2 Magical Girl VS Series? Round 2 IV / 12.5%
Memoria 1008 sMinions of the Shadow WitchMinions of the Shadow Witch Minions of the Shadow Witch IV / 12.5%
Memoria 1141 sSeven Stars in the Moonlit SkySeven Stars in the Moonlit Sky Seven Stars in the Moonlit Sky IX / 25%
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