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About Story Battles

Magia Record features an original story set in Kamihama City, with a number of side stories expanding on the lives of its many Magical Girls. Although the game is currently only in Japanese and Chinese, many players are hard at work translating stories into English on a regular basis.

Story Battles require Action Points (AP) to play. Your current AP amount is usually shown at the top of the screen. Your maximum AP increases as you gain player ranks, and spent AP is regained at a rate of 1 every 5 minutes.

Story Quests

Main Story

Tutorial Main Story.png

When you first click on the Story tab, you are presented with the Main Story, which follows Tamaki Iroha on her quest through Kamihama City. Each Chapter contains several battles; completing Main Story Chapters unlocks the next chapter and grants rewards such as Magia Stones.

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Another Story

Tutorial Another Story.png

You unlock Another Story after completing Main Story Chapter 3. Taking place at the same time as the Main Story, Another Story follows the original characters of Puella Magi Madoka Magica as they arrive in Kamihama City and meet its many Magical Girls.

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Magical Girl Stories

There are 2 types of Magical Girl Stories:

Tutorial MSS.png

  • Personal Story: These explore the girl's personal life, looking at their past, present, and/or future as a Magical Girl. Every Personal Story has 3 Chapters, which are unlocked by increasing the girl's Episode level and/or reaching certain points in the Main Story.
    Additionally, 5* Magical Girls who have reached Magia Level 5 have a 4th chapter, their Doppel Unlock Quest. Completing this chapter makes the girl's Doppel available in battle.

Tutorial MCS.png

  • Costume Story: Some Magical Girl costumes obtained from Events include a bonus quest about that costume.

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Strengthening & Awakening Realms

Tutorial Realm.png

On the JP Server, there are 6 realms areas, each representing a single element plus one "All" realm. These are the only areas in the game where playes can gather Strengthening Gems. Awakening Orbs & Books, used for Magical Girl Awakening and Magia Strengthening, also drop from these quests.

The higher the difficulty of the quest, the more AP it costs, but the better the rewards. These quests are the only places where the rare Rainbow Orb will drop in battle.

  • Strengthening Realm: The top 4 quests, known as the Strengthening Realm, are where players can obtain Strengthening Gems to level their Magical Girls. The type of Gem that drops changes depending on the day of the week. The Strengthening Realm also has an increased CC drop rate.
  • Awakening Realm: The bottom 4 quests, known as the Awakening Realm, are where players can obtain Awakening Orbs & Books, used for Magical Girl Awakening and Magia Strengthening. The type of Orbs & Books that drop changes depending on the day of the week. The Awakening Realm is the only place where the rare Rainbow Orb will drop in battle.
The missions for the Strengthening & Awakening Realms vary depending on the day of the week.

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Event Quests

Tutorial Event Story.png

Magia Record features regular Events with unique stories looking at the past, present, and future of the Magical Girls of Kamihama City. These often also include higher-difficulty Challenge levels with improved rewards. Check the Events listing for details on specific event stories.


See main article: Supports

Before entering most battles, you must select a Support. These are Magical Girls belonging to other players around the world who will help you in your fight.

Tap on a Support card to use it, or press and hold to view its stats. Tutorial Supports.png

Team Selection

Tutorial Team Select.png

Once you have chosen your support, you come to the Team Selection menu. This screen is explained in more detail in the Team Building.

Once you've set your team, you're ready to enter battle!