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End Cards are art pieces shown at the end of a TV Anime episode. Several cards are drawn by designers and illustrators involved in the game's character artwork.

Episode 1

TV Anime End Card 1.png

Artist: PAPA

PAPA is the artist behind Magia Report, and the designer of associated characters such as Madoka-senpai. He is also the designer of Mao Himika and has previously written Event stories.

Featured Characters: Nanami Yachiyo, Tamaki Iroha, and Kuroe

Episode 2

TV Anime End Card 2.png

Artist: Sasagi Koushi (ササギコウシ)

Sasagi Koushi is one of the main illustrators of Magical Girl artwork (particularly those of the main cast), as well as the designer of several characters (most notably Izumi Kanagi).

Featured Characters: Izumi Kanagi

Episode 3

TV Anime End Card 3.png

Artist: Punyan (ぷにゃん)

Punyan is another illustrator of Magical Girl artwork, and the designer of Yakumo Mitama and Yayoi Kanoko.

Featured Characters: Yakumo Mitama

Episode 4

TV Anime End Card 4.png

Artist: Masugitsune (枡狐)

This Wings of Magius end card is by Masugitsune, the artist behind the Puella Magi Tart☆Magica spinoff manga.

Featured Characters:

Episode 5

TV Anime End Card 5.png

Artist: Ueda Hajime (ウエダ ハジメ)

Although not (yet) involved in the Magia Record series, Ueda Hajime has previously been involved in another Shaft studio work: illustrating the ED scenes of Bakemonogatari.

Featured Characters: Nanami Yachiyo and Azusa Mifuyu

Episode 6

TV Anime End Card 6.png

Artist: Hayami Chika (鮠水ちか)

As implied by this week's artwork, Hayami Chika is the designer of the Amane sisters.

Featured Characters: Amane Tsukasa and Amane Tsukuyo

Episode 7

TV Anime End Card 7.png

Artist: Fuji Fujino (富士フジノ)

Fuji Fujino is the artist behind the Magia Record Manga, currently being published alongside the game and anime.

Featured Characters: Alina Gray

Episode 8

TV Anime End Card 8.png

Artist: U35

U35 (aka umiko) is the illustrator for the upcoming Magia Record: Another Story manga.

Featured Characters: Minami Rena

Episode 9

TV Anime End Card 9.png

Artist: Gin (吟)

Gin is a doujin and fan artist, who has previously created Memoria illustrations as well as artwork for another F4Samurai title, Fate: Grand Order.

Featured Characters: Yui Tsuruno

Episode 10

TV Anime End Card 10.png

Artist: QP:flapper

QP:flapper consists of the illustrators Tometa Ohara and Koharu Sakura, who have a long history of anime and managa illustrations. In the Magia Record universe the group designed and illustrated Isuzu Ren and her Memoria.

Featured Characters: Isuzu Ren

Episode 11

TV Anime End Card 11.png

Artist: Yuugen (ゆーげん)

Yuugen is a doujin and fan artist who regularly creates detailed end card and promotional artworks for anime and video games. Magia Record players may recognise the distinct artstyle in the designs of the Azalea trio characters.

Featured Characters:

Episode 12

TV Anime End Card 12.png

Artist: Watanabe Akio (渡辺明夫)

Another artist known for their works outside of the Madoka Magica universe, Watanabe Akio is the art mastermind behind the Monogatari series.

Featured Characters: Anna Meru

Episode 13

TV Anime End Card 13.png

Artist: Aoki Ume (蒼樹うめ)

Aoki Ume's art style is recognisable to many veteran Madoka Magica fans - she is the original designer and illustrator for the series, and continues to design most of the main cast of Magia Record.

Featured Characters: Tamaki Iroha and Nanami Yachiyo