Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story TV Anime has been on air since January 2020 on MBS, TOKYO MX, 群馬テレビ, とちぎてれび, BS11, etc. It updates weekly at 0:00 (JST/UTC+9) of every Sunday.

The first two episodes were previewed at AnimeNYC 2019 along with a preview of episode 3. Further previews are available on the official website.


Translations are available in File pages.


Magical Girls keep fighting secretly in exchange for the fulfillment of their wishes.
But Iroha Tamaki forgot her wish.

"What did I wish for when I became a Magical Girl?"

A vacant space in everyday life.
Something important that has been lost.
Ceaselessly continuing everyday fighting for a reason yet to be known...

At that time, rumors begin to spread among Magical Girls.

"Magical Girls can be saved by going to Kamihama."

In Kamihama City, a city where Magical Girls and Rumors gather.
The story of Iroha Tamaki seeking her lost wish is about to start--


Date (JST) JP title EN title
2020-1-4 やぁやぁ、知ってる?魔法少女のその噂 Have You Heard? That Rumor About the Magical Girls
2020-1-11 それが絶交証明書 It's Proof of the End of a Friendship
2020-1-18 TBA Sorry for Making You My Friend


  • Original: Magica Quartet
  • General Director / Series Composition: Gekidan INU CURRY (Doroinu)
  • Main Character Draft: Ume Aoki
  • Deputy Director: Yukihiro Miyamoto
  • Character Design / Chief Animation Supervisors: Junichiro Taniguchi
  • General Drawing Directors: Nobuhiro Sugiyama, Hiroki Yamamura
  • Action Director: Takashi Hashimoto
  • Main Animators: Yoshiaki Ito, Akihisa Takano, Kana Miyai
  • Art Director: Ken Naito
  • Color Design: Hitomi Hibino
  • Edit: Rie Matsubara
  • CG Director: Hisato Shima
  • Director of Photography: Koji Tsuchiya
  • Screenplay Cooperation: Elseware
  • Music: Takumi Ozawa
  • Acoustic Director: Yota Tsuruoka
  • Animation Supervisor: Akiyuki Shinbo
  • Animation Production: Shaft



  • OP: Gomakashi (ごまかし, lit. "Deception")
    by Momo Asakura, Sora Amamiya, and Shiina Natsukawa
  • ED: Aletheia (アリシア)
    by ClariS
  • Ep. 1 Insert Song: Uwasa Kazoe-Uta (ウワサ数え唄, lit. "Rumor Counting Rhyme")
    by Kato Emiri

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