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This is the costumes page for both Tamaki Iroha and Tamaki Iroha (Anime ver.)

Tamaki Iroha Tamaki Iroha.png
Costume Name Tamaki Iroha (環 いろは)
Costume ID 100100 / 100191 (Copy) / 150100 (Anime ver.)
Obtainability Unlimited

Tamaki Iroha Pre-Transformation.png
Costume Name Pre-Transformation (変身前)
Costume ID 100101
Obtainability Unlimited

Tamaki Iroha Before Transfer.png
Costume Name Before Transfer (転校前)
Costume ID 100102
Obtainability Unlimited

Tamaki Iroha Swimsuit 2017.png
Costume Name Swimsuit 2017 (水着2017)
Costume ID 100103
Obtainability Release Memorial Login Bonus

Tamaki Iroha Loungewear.png
Costume Name Loungewear (部屋着)
Costume ID 100104
Obtainability Magia Archive

Tamaki Iroha Christmas 2017.png
Costume Name Christmas 2017 (クリスマス2017)
Costume ID 100350
Obtainability The Crescent Moon Manor's Merry Christmas

Tamaki Iroha Valentines '18.png
Costume Name Valentines '18 (バレンタイン18)
Costume ID 100151
Obtainability À La Carte Valentine ~Delivering Everyone's Feelings~

Tamaki Iroha Sega Cafe Maid '18.png
Costume Name Sega Cafe Maid '18 (セガカフェメイド18)
Costume ID 100152
Obtainability 200 Days Since Release Login Bonus

Tamaki Iroha Haregi.png
Costume Name Haregi (環 いろは_晴れ着19)
Costume ID 100153
Obtainability Mitama and the Delicious New Year's Party

Tamaki Iroha PAPA Iroha80.png
Costume Name PAPA_Iroha80 (PAPA_いろは80)
Costume ID 100180
Obtainability Unobtainable

Tamaki Iroha PAPA Iroha81.png
Costume Name PAPA_Iroha81 (PAPA_いろは81)
Costume ID 100181
Obtainability Unobtainable

Tamaki Iroha PAPA Iroha.png
Costume Name PAPA Iroha (PAPA_いろは)
Costume ID 100188
Obtainability Support Shop

Tamaki Iroha PAPA Iroha02.png
Costume Name PAPA Iroha02 (PAPA_いろは02)
Costume ID 100189
Obtainability Kamihama Rarity Star

Tamaki Iroha PAPA Iroha03.png
Costume Name PAPA Iroha03 (PAPA_いろは03)
Costume ID 100190
Obtainability Kamihama Rarity Star

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