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Magia Archive Profile

  • Hometown: Takarazaki City (宝崎市)
  • Age: 15 (Middle School 3rd Year)
  • Height: 156 CM
  • Weapon: Crossbow
  • Ability: Healing
  • Soul Gem Location: Belt on neck

Side Story

No Summary


  • Her wish was to cure her little sister’s illness. However, for unknown reasons she has forgotten everything about her sister.
  • Her Magia translates to “The path to the future”.
  • Iroha has a bad sense of direction and often gets lost.
  • She’s out of the loop on new trends, and doesn’t know how to use a smartphone or technology very well.
  • Iroha’s hobby is cooking. She seems to have an old Japanese taste to food.
  • Her birthday is August 22.

Alternate Versions