Tamaki Ui Tamaki Ui
Costume Name Tamaki Ui (環 うい)
Costume ID 101500
Obtainability Unlimited

Tamaki Ui Pre-Transformation
Costume Name Pre-Transformation (変身前)
Costume ID 101501
Obtainability Unlimited

Tamaki Ui Hospital Clothes
Costume Name Hospital Clothes (病院服)
Costume ID 101502
Obtainability Unobtainable

Tamaki Ui Casual Clothes
Costume Name Casual Clothes (私服)
Costume ID 101503
Obtainability Unobtainable

Tamaki Ui Shadow
Costume Name Shadow (シャドウ)
Costume ID 101504
Obtainability Unobtainable

Tamaki Ui Swimsuit
Costume Name Swimsuit (水着)
Costume ID 101550
Obtainability SamaTore! The Summer Treasure that Disappeared into the Fire

Tamaki Ui MagiRepo Sticker
Costume Name MagiRepo Sticker (PAPA_うい01)
Costume ID 101588
Obtainability Leaving the Nest Looking Skyward

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