Magia Archive Key Facts

  • Hometown: Takarazaki City (宝崎市)
  • Age: 11 (Elementary School 5th Year)
  • Height: 143 cm
  • Weapon: Swallow-shaped Magic Circle
  • Ability: Collection (Impurities)
  • Soul Gem Location: Necktie

Side Story

Ui is starting to get the hang of school, until her teacher gives her a career path questionnaire to fill out. Overwhelmed by her future possibilities, she begins to ask other Magical Girls about their goals, and finds that they've already made plans. Eventually, Felicia pulls her aside to scold her about relying too much on others and they get into a fight, which Iroha breaks apart; harshly lecturing everyone involved. That night, Iroha sits Ui down to talk about her own dreams, and tells Ui that goals are formed from a person's unique experiences. Taking her advice, Ui heads to the Kamihama hospital. After talking to a doctor there, she finally decides on her future goal. She fills in her questionnaire with "I like choirs and I admire people who lead others. So my dream become a music teacher!"


  • Her Magia's name, "Luce della Speranza" is "Light of Hope" in Italian.
  • Both Ui and Iroha use Italian for the name of their Magia.
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