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{{Tart|Infobox|ksfdjlkjlsfdjklsfdkjlsfdkjlsfdjsfdkjlsfdkjl|nani?????|who knows this girl?|who actually read tart magica smh|imagine causing a revelution in your country then dying big smh|oof question mark|tart is fully straight only non yuri person|tart would be good on corpse party|abc|def|ghi|jkl|mno|pqr|stu|vwx|y and|a}}<gallery>
| en = Magical girl of medieval France now known by the name of Jeanne d'Arc. Due to the death of her beloved sister Catherine, she stood up to save a France on the verge of collapse. She is simple and trustworthy, and calls Cube (Kyubey) "Angel-sama".
| jp = 現在は“ジャンヌ・ダルク”の名で知られる中世フランスの魔法少女。最愛の妹カトリーヌの死をきっかけに、崩壊寸前のフランスを救うべく立ち上がった。素朴で人を信じやすく、キューブ(キュゥべえ)を“天使様”と呼び慕っている。
| na = A Magical Girl from medieval France known today as Jeanne d'Arc. Upon the death of her dear sister, Catherine, she resolved to save France from the brink of ruin. Simple, innocent, and trusting of others, she fondly refers to Qube (Kyubey) as "Monsieur Angel".

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