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Event Guide

How to Play

1. In Accomplish Events, players work their way through the stages in a linear progression. Each stage can only be completed once; once cleared, the next stage will open. All stages cost 3 AP.

There are story stages and {{{challenge_count}}} challenge stages; completing Story will unlock Challenge 1. Challenge stages are significantly more difficult, and require players use a team of at least 3 Magical Girls.

2. Supports are not available in this game mode; instead players must use a team consisting entirely of their own Magical Girls. Additionally, remaining HP and MP carry over between battles - once a Magical Girl loses all of her HP, she cannot be used for any more battles until she is revived, regardless of whether the player wins or loses the battle.

Players can revive up to 10 fallen Magical Girls for free each day. Alternatively, Magical Girls will revive on their own after a set amount of time depending on their rarity:

Rarity Revival Time
30 minutes
★★ 60 minutes
★★★ 90 minutes
120 minutes

3. Every fifth quest will feature a boss stage. Unlike regular stages, the enemies in boss stages also retain their HP between battles, meaning they can be defeated over multiple battles. Clearing boss stages will reward players with bonus items.

Event Currency

Currency How to obtain
50px [JP]
All event quests drop the event currency '. As quests cannot be replayed, the amount of currency available is limited. Players should prioritise the most valuable items first.
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