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Event Guide

How to Play

1. In Boss Events, stories are arranged on a map-like stage. Players travel from one node to the other to reach the final boss.

2. Each story node has a target meter and up to 3 battles to choose from (beginner, intermediate, and hard). To clear the node, complete the story battles until the meter fills up. You do not have to complete every battle to unlock the next node; you only need to fill up the node meter.

3. Boss quests are unlocked at the end of each story area. Boss node meters represent the boss's HP and must be brought to 0 to clear the node. Boss HP does not refill between battles, so bosses can be defeated over more than 1 battle. Defeating bosses gives special currencies and unlocks other areas.

4. All battles have a turn limit. Exceeding the limit ends the battle as a victory for the player.

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